Buy Shawn Marion’s house, get Super Bowl tickets.

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The housing market is still slumping. If you’re going to sell your home in this market, you’re going to have to have some kind of incentive.

Like Super Bowl tickets.

Buy Shawn Marion’s former home in Florida and that is just what you get, according to FanHouse.

Marion is offering four club-level Super Bowl tickets — along with private jet service to and from the game — to whomever buys his beautiful, 7,300-square foot home in Miami…

“We just sat down and were brainstorming ways to maximize the exposure that the home would get, and the light bulb went on,” Marion told FanHouse Thursday night. “We said, ‘Let’s run with this (Super Bowl idea) and see what happens.”’

Marion started having the home custom built when he played for the Heat, but was traded to the Raptors before he really got a chance to live in it.

And it can be yours for a cool $2 million. I would buy it, but I’m looking to spend at least twice that much. Because nobody gets paid like bloggers.

LeBron used in Ohio political attack ad — everything you’re sick of in one place


I laughed at my in-laws last night, in visiting California from their home outside Vegas, when they said they were happy to get to out of Nevada and away from all the attack ads on television. Wait until they see the relentless bashing from our lesser-of-two-evils choice for governor, Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman. I’d say it’s embarrassing the state, but we elected Arnold Schwarzenegger. Twice.

In Ohio, another group has tried to get as nasty as they could with a political attack — bringing LeBron James into the ad.

A mailer sent out by Americans United for Safer Streets used LeBron to attack the Democratic Attorney General because he has allowed Floridians with conceal and carry gun permits to use them in Ohio. Turns out Ohio has stricter laws on who can get guns (drug arrests mean no guns in Ohio, but in Florida the more the merrier).

We’ll let the Cleveland Plain Dealer sort it out (via Ball Don’t Lie).

The mail campaign, launched by Americans United for Safe Streets, uses a photo of James on the cover with a tagline asking, “Florida took LeBron. What did we get in return?” On the mailer’s flip side, the punchline: “They sent us 92 illegal guns and gun-toting criminals. And Richard Cordray is letting them do it.”

The LeBron ad is one of a trio of mail pieces the anti-gun group is sending out against Cordray as well as three pieces being sent out against congressional candidate Tom Ganley. The group said it is sending the mailers to 175,000 homes and spending about $350,000.

Just so we’re clear: A Washington D.C.-based anti-gun organization is spending $350,000 to influence an Ohio election, and they are attacking the Democrat because of a decision about 92 people.

The only thing that can make the Summer of LeBron look sane? Politics.