Elton Brand ejected after one ugly flagrant two, fine coming

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Elton Brand is going to be writing a check to the league soon.

In the fourth quarter of the Sixers overtime loss to the Wizards (which never should have gone to overtime, but check out Baseline to Baseline later for that story), JaVale McGee had a wide open dunk and once he was in the air Brand used two hands to shove the defenseless McGee.

It was an instant flagrant two and an ejection — and well deserved. A suspension would not be out of the question.

Brand is not a dirty player, but that was one ugly play. Which is too bad because he was having a good night —19 points on 8-of-14 shooting, seven boards and two steals.

As ugly as it was, things would get uglier for the Sixers at the end.

Clippers Craig Smith to appeal flagrant II foul, any fines. He shouldn’t.

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Word comes from the twitter account of Lisa Dillman at the Los Angeles Times that the Clippers Craig Smith is going to appeal his flagrant II foul and any fines that come from the league from his tackling of George Hill last night.

If you didn’t see the highlight, Rhino lived up to his nickname just throwing Hill to the ground on a breakaway, making no play for the ball. Hill went out and did not return to the game with spasms in his trapezius muscle.

Take it from someone who was right behind that basket last night watching the game, don’t do it Smith. Take the fine. It was a flagrant II. Maybe that wasn’t the intention when you went up, but it was the result — you grabbed him around the neck and shoulders and threw him to the ground. You had to go. You get a fine. Tony Parker called it a dirty play after the game and he was right.

You’re not a dirty player, but you deserve what is coming on this one.