Durant’s backpack

Nike to start selling Kevin Durant backpacks. Of course they are.


Kevin Durant shows up to his post-game press conferences dressed like an eager student ready to walk across the University of Texas campus to his Europe in the Twentieth Century history class.

Complete with his backpack. Straps buckled across the front. That he leaves on the entire time.

A backpack that you can soon own, thanks to Nike.

The shoe company that never misses a good marketing opportunity will be selling the backpacks as part of his KD III line, according to the Oklahoman.

Nike isn’t saying what the backpack will look like or cost yet, or even if it will have his initials on it. There is a Kobe Bryant backpack that costs $90, but Kobe does not do his post-game press conferences wearing it.

As for what is in Durant’s backpack… it’s not that exciting.

What is in Kevin Durant’s backpack?


He has done this all season long — when Kevin Durant does a post-game interview he is often wearing a backpack. In the locker room, on a podium, wearing a sweater or a shirt and tie, doesn’t matter. He’s wearing a backpack.

That lead’s to the greatest mystery of this NBA season: What is in it?

After a huge Game 5 win, a reporter asked him.

Not that exciting.

His iPad (everybody in the NBA has an iPad, sometimes like cell phones more than one), plus a Bible, his headphones and his cell phone chargers.

That’s it. Boring.

He hammed it up a little for the TNT crew with the same question — somehow fitting a suitcase worth of clothes in that little backpack in that joking segment.

We may never know the real answer. I hate to think it’s as tedious and mundane as cell phone chargers. I think he has proof of the final landing spot for Amelia Earhart, but that’s just me.