Durant plays football

LeBron challenges Durant to a little football action


We’re not going to see LeBron James ad Kevin Durant square off on the hard court anytime soon, so why not on the gridiron? Stranger things have happened.

Monday night Kevin Durant jumped into a flag football game at Oklahoma State University. If you remember, a month ago LeBron James went out and practiced with his old high school team.

When LeBron heard about KD’s night out Monday he sent this tweet.


He ment “Optimus.” Really. He corrected himself seconds later.

Anyway, it  soon led to a little challenge between the two.


And we might have a game. I’d say it all seems a little ridiculous, except for two things.

First, you can bet there are Nike marketing people figuring the best way to make this work as you read this.

Second, if this lockout drags out much longer I’m going to start rooting for this to happen. Just for the action.

Durant plays a little intramural football at Oklahoma State

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There are a few guys you see around the NBA — Ron Artest and LeBron James, for example — and when you look at their build you think they could have played in the NFL.

Not Kevin Durant. He is lankly and not built for violent contact.

But he played some football Monday evening. Intramural flag football at Oklahoma State, but still some football. So tweeted James Poling of the Daily Collegian.

It started earlier in the day when Durant tweeted:

This lockout is really boring..anybody playing flag football in Okc..I need to run around or something!”

He got a response with an offer and few hours later he was in Stillwater, Oklahoma, playing some intramural game with some college kids.

Name another pro athlete would do that? Sure, I’d rather he were resting up before the season opener with the Lakers on Tuesday, but this is a pretty cool fill in. A big crowd was there to watch, including some Oklahoma State football players.

Durant played quarterback, corner and a little receiver and dominated the game, according to the Oklahoman. He threw touchdown passes, made interceptions and looked like a world-class athlete against some college fraternity members.

Durant didn’t get the win, however — his Sigma Nu team had to forfeit because he wasn’t a registered player. You think his teammates cared? Exactly. Neither would I.