Video: Paul George did what, now?


So that’s Paul George of the Indiana Pacers going through-the-legs-360. Which is nice, for all of us, really.

I’d also like to point out LeBron who was also on this trip to Shanghai going nuts for George. This is today’s reminder that all of those rivalries you think are significant and meaningful are really the equivalent of guys wearing mustaches during your local community play to indicate that they are villains.

In a related story: Wow.

Video: Cal State Bernadino’s Kwame Alexander can basically fly


Yes, this is from college basketball. D-2 college basketball, in fact. But it’s so cool we don’t care. This video contains Cal State Bernadino’s Kwame Alexander, who weighs 240 pounds, taking off from a step or two inside the free throw line, getting his body nearly parallel to the floor, and somehow throwing down over a defender positioned at least a foot outside of the no-charge lane.

It looks like a charge could have been called, but it appears that Alexander got his body so high that the only part of the defender that actually made contact with Alexander was his arms, and he then went to the floor to try to sell the charge. Besides, and perhaps more importantly, would you want to be the referee to make that dunk count as a turnover? Wow.

(Hat tips go to The Dagger, Deadspin, and Ball is Life.)

Video: Best of Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown

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The Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown has been working its way across the country this spring and into the summer, with some of the best amateur dunkers in the nation putting on a real show.

Because you will not get to see some fun competition and highlight dunks from Summer League this year — thank you so much NBA lockout — we thought we’d bring you some showdown highlights instead.

Enjoy the Fourth of July, enjoy some good barbecue and good friends, and enjoy the top 10 dunks from the showdown.

Video: Best dunks of the conference finals


What’s going to help you get through the end of Memorial Day weekend?

Dunks. Big dunks in big games.

With that in mind we present for your entertainment the best dunks of the NBA conference finals. Dunks that changed games or just rocked rims. Something to look forward to with the NBA finals starting Tuesday (you know LeBron is going to get loose for a couple, and you know Tyson Chandler is going to get an ally-oop over Joel Anthony).

Video: The top 10 dunks in January


Baby, it’s cold outside.

To warm you up a little on this winter day we can’t offer a nice bowl of chicken noodle soup, but we can offer dunks. Ten of them. The best from January.

Yes, you can be sure Blake Griffin makes an appearance on the list.