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Video: Tyreke Evans does a bad thing to Gary Neal

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I no longer believe those reports that Tyreke Evans feet are not 100 percent.

Because they look pretty good and he looks plenty explosive on this dunk. A coast-to-coast play where the Spurs Gary Neal tries to slide in late and draw the charge — a good thought — but he ends up in the poster.

Hopefully we get to see this, healthy Evans next season. (Ideally we’d like to see him in Sacramento, but….)

Video: Tony Allen with the Windmill dunk of the night

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In a game featuring Blake Griffin somebody else had the dunk of the night.

It was Tony Allen on the breakaway, with time to put a little flourish on it. Make the home crowd happy.

Didn’t really help the Grizzlies win, they fell to the Clippers. But it was fun.

Video: Rodney Stuckey makes a poster with Chris Bosh in it


That headline kind of bothers me because nobody actually has posters anymore, do they? Wallpapers on their iPhone maybe, but not posters.

But if you were still making posters, this is exactly what you would want. Detroit’s Rodney Stuckey starts his drive from the top of the lane and Chris Bosh is just a little late rotating over and…

WHAM. You’ve got yourself a poster. And you can tell by Bosh’s reaction right after the dunk he knew this was going to be all over the Internet today.

Video: Derrick Rose celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with monster jam

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I have not delved into Derrick Rose’s ancestry, but for one day at least he and the rest of the Bulls were Irish, wearing the green and everything Thursday night against the Nets.

Rose decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a huge dunk off a give-and-go from the top of the key. Just watch below.

The dunk was impressive, but Rose’s real contribution was a strong, hard-working defensive effort that hounded Deron Williams into a 1-for-12 shooting night. That is what got the Bulls a win.

Video: Dwyane Wade with a monster throw down… then the Cabbage Patch?


Oklahoma City got Kendrick Perkins to defend the rim — and he did a good job of it most of Wednesday night — but Dwyane Wade put a hurt on him with this one. (Which is not a slam on Perkins — Wilt Chamberlain standing on Bill Russell’s shoulders may not have blocked this dunk.) It sparked a 10-2 run that may have been the best couple minutes of Heat basketball this season.

What a monster move… but then the cabbage patch? Is it 1987 again and I didn’t get the memo?

We’ll forgive the celebration this one time. But we’re not reliving the 1980s. They were not that great the first time.