Video: Globetrotters, Dude Perfect and some crazy shots

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For your Thanksgiving evening entertainment, how about a trick shot video with Dude Perfect (you’ve seen them here before) and the Harlem Globetrotters. How you going to beat that? NFL football? Ha. (Okay, maybe that is better.)

Best part for me, that is Amazing Race veteran Big Easy trying to hit the fishing pole shot. And looking like he did on the race a few times.

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy. (Hat tip to Ball Don’t Lie)

Dude Perfect strikes again, this time from an airplane

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Those plucky young lads known as “Dude Perfect,” who first became famous for making some insane shots from their backyard and hitting what was then “The World’s Longest Shot,” continue to move up in the world.

This season, Dude Perfect have already been contracted to hit trick shots for The Sacramento Kings and GMC. Recently, Southwest Airlines decided to lend Dude Perfect a jet plane and see what they could do. See the results for yourself — at this point, I don’t think anyone can cry “fake!”, and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t make a front-flip trampoline shot over an airplane wing given all the time in the world.

Finally an accurate passer in Cowboy Stadium — new Dude Perfect trick shot

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Tell me the Cowboys couldn’t use a guy who could throw like this behind Romo.