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Friday Night Video: 1984 All-Star Dunk Contest

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1984 at the All-Star Game in Denver is when the NBA brought the Dunk Contest back (sort of, it was an old ABA thing). Dr. J was the favorite. Dominique Wilkins was competing.

And Larry Nance won the thing. With a pretty cool dunk.

I’m pretty sure the dunks themselves have not gotten much better (if at all), it’s just now they need to be accompanied by showmanship. Like jumping over a car.

Enjoy this little video appetizer to start your weekend.

Friday video: Happy Birthday, MJ. Thanks for the dunks.


Michael Jordan, who really should need no introduction, turns 49 years old today. To commemorate that and the upcoming Slam Dunk Contest, here’s a highlight video of 3 of Jordan’s Slam Dunk Contest Performances — his duels with Dominique “The Human Highlight Film” Wilkins, one of which he won and one of which he lost, and his win over Jerome Kersey the year ‘Nique was injured.

All three contests feature Jordan taking off from the free-throw line, and the first contest features him doing it while wearing some gold chains. These dunks probably wouldn’t score high in next Saturday’s contest, but something tells me that Chase Budinger and Iman Shumpert aren’t going to generate the kind of electricity and buzz than MJ and ‘Nique did in their classic late-80s dunk-offs.

Friday night video: Jordan vs. Nique dunk contest highlights

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This weekend, with a guillotine hanging over the start of the NBA season, players will take part in a couple of celebrity games (LeBron vs. Wade in Miami, Goodman vs. Drew in Los Angeles). We could use the escape and see some actual hoops.

And as a reminder of how fun exhibitions can be, we bring you a video of Michael Jordan vs. Dominique Wilkins in some of the best dunk contests the league has ever seen.

Enjoy. We’ll go back to being depressed about the NBA on Monday.

Man charged in post-game attack on Dominique Wilkins


Rashan S. Michel has been formally charged in the attack on former Atlanta Hawks player and current broadcaster (and team vice president) Dominique Wilkins, the Associated Press reports.

Michel has been released after posting $1,000 bail.

Michel, a former NBA referee and current owner of a clothing company, approached Wilkins while a live post-game television interview was taking place and after Wilkins walked away from the broadcast Michel attacked him, according to Atlanta police.

Michel has said Wilkins owes him more than $15,000 for suits. He tweeted as much after the attack.

Man arrested for attacking Dominique Wilkins tweets about it


Rashan S. Michel handled his business poorly.

He attacked Hawks legend and broadcaster Dominique Wilkins in Philips Arena after the game and, based on Michel’s mug shot, Wilkins got the best of it.

Michel, a former NBA referee who now has a custom clothing business, has said Wilkins owed him money for some suits and tweeted this after he was released from jail on bail early in the Atlanta morning.

I call what happened at Phillips Arena earlier, Operation Repo…next time have my money!

pay your debts, poser.

“Operation Repo” was a failure if the goal was to get paid. Michel approached Wilkins after the game had ended near the court and at one point threw a punch into Wilkins chest and Wilkins apparently got at least one clean punch off himself. Michel was arrested and will likely face some kind of prosecution for the attack.

I’m not sure what kind of business man Michael is, but physically attacking a 6’7”, 220+ pound athlete in the middle of a crowded arena where said athlete is a living legend suggests Michel is not a very smart one. And you can bet Wilkins isn’t paying now (if he even owes the money).