DeQuan Jones

Kings sign DeQuan Jones to training camp contract

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DeQuan Jones played in 63 games with the Orlando Magic last season and was a regular part of the rotation, but with Victor Oladipo coming in Jones was out. Since then he hasn’t been able to find a landing spot.

He’s going to go training camp with the Sacramento Kings on a non-guaranteed deal, reports Mark Deeks.

Jones is a 6’8” athletic swingman who doesn’t really put up great numbers or play that efficiently. There are no roster spots with the Kings, so ultimately Jones is going to have to choose between playing overseas or the D-League.

The Kings have a D-League affiliate in Reno, if he goes there he could get a chance with the Kings later in the season when eventually injuries force adjustments (as they do with pretty much every team).

DeQuan Jones doesn’t like NCAA’s Manziel ruling


DeQuan Jones played four years at the University of Miami, but he wasn’t really considered an NBA prospect. That said he got in with the Magic and hung with them last season, getting in 63 games and being a regular part of the rotation. Not a good part, really, but part. Then the Magic drafted Victor Oladipo and that was basically it for Jones, the Magic let him go and he has still not signed with another team.

But that’s not why we’re talking about him.

As noted, Jones was a four year player at Miami, but he missed part of his senior season because of an NCAA investigation into Nevin Shapiro and his role with the university’s athletic department. As the story goes an assistant basketball coach told Shapiro they needed $10,000 to give to Jones so he would come to Miami, but Jones knew nothing about this and didn’t take the money, the NCAA found. Of course, this being the NCAA,  it took a long time to make their ruling and Jones missed the start of the season.

So while you and I were just laughing at the NCAA when it’s ruling to suspend Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel for a half came down, Jones was pissed. And said so on twitter (hat tip to The Sporting News for finding this):

At this point, does anything the NCAA does surprise you?

Arron Afflalo to miss rest of season


Orlando Magic guard Arron Afflalo will miss the rest of the season, according to Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel. Afflalo injured his right hamstring against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday, leaving the game after just 13 minutes.

As long as Afflalo’s injury presents no long-term effects, this might actually the Magic, who have 12 games remaining. Without its leading scorer, Orlando will have a better chance at a higher draft pick and can give more minutes to young players like DeQuan Jones, Doron Lamb and E’Twaun Moore. The 18-52 Magic might even sneak behind the 16-52 Charlotte Bobcats for the No. 1 seed in the NBA lottery.

You want to suit up for Orlando? Nelson, Redick, Afflalo all out.


The basketball injury gods are heaping cruel and unusual punishment on Orlando Magic fans.

The Magic will try to break their nine-game losing streak without starters J.J. Redick (shoulder), Jameer Nelson (arm), Arron Afflalo (this will be his fifth game out due to an injured calf), plus bench player DeQuan Jones (ankle), tweets John Denton of the team’s official Web site. All of that on top of Glen Davis being out for the season.

Playing for Orlando will be E’Twaun Moore, Moe Harkless, Ish Smith, probably more Hedo Turkoglu, plus any fan in the first five rows that raises his hand as a volunteer.

I doubt the Redick injury shows the trade talk around him — if you were going to bet one guy to get dealt at the deadline, it will be Redick. His injury would have to be fairly substantial to slow that, and reportedly it is not.

Magic waive Quentin Richardson, eat his $5 million salary


There’s not a lot of drama in NBA training camps, who is toing to make the team because contracts are almost all guaranteed. The ones that are not are a couple guys at the very end of the bench, guys who could bounce down to the D-League for much of the season.

Which is why what the Magic did was such a surprise — they ate $5 million in salary to waive Quentin Richardson. From the Orlando Sentinel:

The Orlando Magic made three moves Saturday that enabled them to keep their most athletic player. By waiving wing Quentin Richardson, combo forward Justin Harper and wing Chris Johnson, the team created a space for undrafted rookie DeQuan Jones, an explosive wing who offers potential as a defender….

“All throughout the preseason, we evaluated everything, and we made the decision that, yeah, financially we’re going to have to make a decision that impacts us in that way. But we feel that the decision was [best] for the organization and the culture we want to start to set (said Magic general manager Rob Hennigan).”

It makes some sense — the Magic are in complete and total rebuilding mode and Richardson is not part of the future. Jones might be. They have the time to find out, to let Jones develop. The only cost was money, and if they are willing to spend it — $2.6 million this year and $2.8 million next year — this seems like a good long range-play.

The Magic would be worse for it this year, but that is really part of the long-range plan as well.

Richardson will be a free agent that can be picked up by any other team.