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Report: Spurs assistant Lindsey near deal to become Jazz GM

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We told you today that Jazz general manager Kevin O’Conner was moving on up, taking on a more presidential position within the Utah Jazz organization. Oh, he’ll still be involved in decision making and planning I Utah, but he was weary of doing the day-to-day grind work of a general manager.

Enter the Spurs Dennis Lindsey. Apparently.

That according to Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo.

Utah Jazz general manager Kevin O’Connor, one of the NBA’s most respected GMs, is moving into a top executive position with the franchise and San Antonio Spurs assistant GM Dennis Lindsey is finalizing a deal to replace him, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

As I said before, don’t expect this to really change things in how the Jazz operate. O’Conner will still have his finger prints all over player moves, it’s just that Lindsey will help set them up (O’Conner could have hired another assistant GM and kept his title, but nobody would have jumped at a lateral job move).

But it looks like there are some new names in Salt Lake City.

Report: List down to three for Orlando Magic GM post

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No pressure Orlando, no need to rush. Not like you have any big decisions ahead.

The Orlando Magic search for a general manager — which will be followed by the search for a coach, which will be followed by deciding what to do about Dwight Howard — is down to three people, tweets Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports.

OKC assistant GM Rob Hennigan joins Dennis Lindsey and Jeff Bower as finalists for Orlando GM job, sources tell Y! Meeting owners next step.

Hennigan is one of the guys who has paid his dues and has learned from Sam Presti, who not only drafted well with the Thunder but has made some great free agent pickups to get the Thunder to the playoffs.

Lindsey is out of the San Antonio organization (as was Presti). I don’t really need to list how good the Spurs have been with players over the last decade plus, do I?

Bower was the GM in New Orleans when Chris Paul was there and he helped build a quality playoff team. It would be interesting to see what he does in a situation with more resources.

Honestly, any of these is a good call for the Magic. The question is who does the owners, the DeVos family, feel comfortable with?

They need to get around to making a decision with the draft just more than two weeks away.

Who is lining up to be the Suns next GM?

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Suns_logo.gifWho is going to be the man, the general manager trying to find the other key piece for a team with Steve Nash, an aging Grant Hill and a nice bench? (Yes, we left Amare Stoudemire’s name out intentionally. We see the writing on the wall.)

A couple names have surfaced as possible replacements for Steve Kerr in Phoenix, according to Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic.

First is Dennis Lindsey, another guy out of  the San Antonio system and moldl. He was an assistant general manager for the Spurs. He made it deep into the interview process in Minnesota before withdrawing last year.

Often in these cases the number two man in the current front office is considered, and David Griffin will get a look. He’s been with the Suns for 18 years. But he also has a contract expiring at the end of June and may be looking for work elsewhere soon.

Coro also said that Kerr was offered the chance to re-sign the exact same three-year deal he just completed, which would mean about a 10 percent pay cut the first year. That combined with family issues and the TNT opportunity led to Kerr’s decision.