Video: David Letterman Top 10 worst Jeremy Lin puns


Does this look Lin-fected to you?

Classic David Letterman. He and his writers came up with the 10 worst Jeremy Lin puns they could think of, and it would be hard to think of 10 worse.

Note: This is what happens to your name when you turn down going on Letterman’s show (which is reportedly what Lin did).

Shaq on Letterman show

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We know you didn’t watch David Letterman last night because you were busy watching the Tonight Show, but if you had you could have caught Boston’s Shaquille O’Neal. trying to squeeze into a seat built for normal sized humans.

Play the video below to see Shaq’s sport coat with a hoodie and his response when asked to play word association with the name “Pat Riley.”

Shaq may have been in New York last night to scout the Spurs… okay, more likely it was to go hit up some trendy new restaurant. But if he had been scouting it would not have helped anyway, he will likely see a different Spurs team Wednesday than the one that played no defense against the Knicks.

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