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Report: Yahoo reports co-founder not interested in buying Hornets

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Yesterday rumors surfaced of David Filo — New Orleans native and insanely rich founder of Yahoo — was interested in buying the team and keeping them in the Big Easy.

Not so fast. Yahoo officially denies that he is buying the team, according to Tom Ziller of SB Nation. A company spokesman denied the report. Frankly I don’t know if I trust the original rumor or a PR person less in this case, so pick your poison on what is reality.

The question really becomes who? If not Filo, who? What New Orleans personality with the money is going to step forward and spend $300 million (give or take) to get the team. Filo was the first and only name to surface, although you can bet Jac Sperling is working hard to find someone or someones.

Meanwhile, the sharks are circling — there are plenty of investors interested if they can move the team.

One Hornets sale rumor: Yahoo co-founder, Big Easy native David Filo

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It will be the “running of the rumors” over the next months as the NBA looks to find someone to buy the New Orleans Hornets. Ideally someone from the city with deep pockets. Someone who wants to keep the team there and has the means to make that happen.

Say, someone like Yahoo co-founder David Filo. That is what Fletcher Mackel of NBC New Orleans  affiliate WDSU-TV tweeted Wednesday, that Filo was the name he heard in rumors.

Filo is the co-founder of Yahoo, worth 2.9 billion, was raised in the Lake Charles area and went to college at Tulane. A school to which he has since made a $30 million donation.

This much is true — Filo has the money and is from the area. There’s some logic there. Beyond that, well, somebody needed to be the first rumor, might as well be Filo. We’ll find out soon enough who is interested and who is not.