For all your obscure NBA trivia wall hanging needs, the Nick Gilbert fathead


This is weird.

I’m sorry, it is. It’s just really odd to see the 14-year-old son of an NBA owner who was considered to be the good luck charm for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2011 NBA Lottery as a FatHead. It’s just peculiar. But there it is. Right there. On the screen



All the proceeds go to the Children’s Tumor Foundation, which is really nice. And it’s awesome that the 14-year-old has become such a basketball culture figure to warrant his own fathead. But still. Weird. Kind of creepy. Borderline creepy, really. Imagine putting that in your rec room before the fellas come over to hang out.

“Hey, Jim.”

“Hey, Bob.”

“I love what you’ve done with the place. Is that couch suede?”

“Poly-suede. Twice the material, none of the drawbacks! Beer?”

“Absolutely! Wow, this place is great. You’ve even got the “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls” pinball machine!”

“Took me a long time to find it, but it was worth the wait.”

“This place is great, I just can’t belie…oh.”


“Nothing. It’s nothing.”

“No, what?”

“Uh, is that Nick Gilbert?”

“Yeah, I’m a big Kyrie Irving fan.”

“So why not get the Kyrie Irving fathead?”

“Because this is awesome! He’s why the Cavs won the lottery!”

“Really? Not the fact that the Clippers, despite having been gifted Blake Griffin, will always find themselves running into the figurative NBA door on account of their being run by what some say is the worst human being on the planet?”

“Nope, all Nick!”

“…. You realize you have a 14-year-old boy hanging on your wall. Typically the only people who say that are (redacted on account of posthumous popularity) and Eli Roth.”

“Hey, if you don’t like it, you can get out. There’s the door. You’ll know it by the exit sign in Comic Sans.”

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While supplies last: Decorate your walls with the life-size image of Dan Gilbert’s son!

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The fact that Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert also happens to own Fathead, monopolizers of the vinyl wall decal industry, became NBA relevant last summer. As you may recall, Gilbert marked down the price of all LeBron James decals immediately after he chose to leave the Cavs, and worked in a Benedict Arnold zing in the process. Good for a giggle and an internet high five, no doubt.

But now that little bit of Gilbert/Cavs trivia comes back to our NBA circle once again, as Nick Gilbert — Dan’s son and the team’s memorable, bow tie adorning rep from this year’s draft lottery — has been immortalized in Fathead vinyl.  The Children’s Tumor Foundation will benefit from all of the profits from the sale of the young Gilbert’s wall-decorating likeness, but even that worthy a cause doesn’t make it any less of a bizarre purchase. Then again, is the prospect that much stranger than covering your walls with the likes of Anderson Varejao or Boobie Gibson?

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Dan Gilbert, Mo Williams enjoy the Heat loss too much


The wounds are not healed in Cleveland.

And watching LeBron James and the Heat lose was cathartic for many in Ohio. Or people who used to be in Ohio. Or people who just felt burned by LeBron. Or actually most of America.

That includes Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, he of the comic-sans LeBron rant from last July (after LeBron decided his talents liked the beach), a letter that played well in Cleveland but was frankly embarrassing for a grown man. Since then he’s largely quiet on the issue. But after the Mavericks eliminated the Heat Sunday night, he couldn’t help himself and tweeted:

Congrats to Mark C.&entire Mavs org. Mavs NEVER stopped & now entire franchise gets rings. Old Lesson for all:There are NO SHORTCUTS. NONE.

As Tom Ziller of SBN noted, the billionaire who bought a team with LeBron on it then got pissed when he left is complaining about shortcuts? He just comes off as petty.

Then there is former Cav (now Clippers) Mo Williams, who tweeted:

Dallas just healed my HEART……..

There’s probably a lot of people in Cleveland who feel that way. But feeling you won because LeBron lost is a hollow victory. When next season comes, LeBron James is going to put on a Miami Heat jersey. And they will be better and closer to a title for the experience.

Wolves GM Kahn says fixed lottery comment was joke


You should decide this one for yourself.

Late last night we told you about Minnesota General Manager David Kahn implying that the fix was in on the lottery (and how that will cross the line with David Stern). On Wednesday Kahn has been saying he was simply making a little joke and that has been taken out of context.

Decide for yourself, watch the video.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

To my ears, the part about knowing he would lose when he saw Nick Gilbert up there with him was intended as a joke. But then the pause and the second part about the NBA favoring good story lines was not. But you may see it differently so watch the much-discussed interview.

Also know that the league is considering a fine for Kahn for his comments. Joking or not.

For something less controversial, below is Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert talking about the Cavaliers having picks one and four in the upcoming draft (June 23).

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

Dan Gilbert’s 14-year-old son to represent Cavs at lottery


Isn’t it the dream of every 14-year-old boy to go to Secaucus?

Actually, in the case of Nick Gilbert, son of Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, this is pretty cool — he will represent the Cavaliers at the NBA Draft Lottery May 17.

The younger Gilbert has Neurofibromatosis, a disease that causes the body’s nerves to grow tumors. They can happen anywhere on the body at any time, be serious or benign. He has had a severe case of the disease but has battled through it.

“Despite enduring brain surgery, the loss of vision in one of his eyes, four long rounds of chemotherapy and countless visits and time in doctor’s offices and hospitals, he has emerged as the happiest and most optimistic person I know,” Gilbert said.

That’s about the best good luck charm the Cavaliers could send.