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Quote of the Day: Dan Gilbert is over LeBron. He means it. Really.

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“I’m over it. I really am. That’s the truth,” he said. “I let it all out in about 24 hours. I just think we have such a great core and a great coaching staff. We have a lot of opportunities with the trade exception and the draft. I feel good about this team.”

—Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert talking about LeBron James and the Heat’s return to Cleveland. Why do I believe him about like I believed Rick was over Ilsa in “Casablanca?” Why do I think he’ll see LeBron and it will be more like Lloyd and Mary in “Dumb and Dumber?

Dan Gilbert says he has no regrets. He probably should.

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The Cavaliers tip-off the post-LeBron James era tonight, coincidentally the same way LeBron kicked off his post-Cleveland era last night — against the Celtics. It will probably end about the same way for both of them.

Tied into the season opener, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert had a lengthy interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, where he said some interesting, and at times odd, things. Such as…

My letter was to the fans and supporters of Cleveland. People get a little confused because they think it was a general statement to the world or even to LeBron or to whoever. It really was to the fans and supporters of Cleveland, and I wanted to make sure they knew where I stood and where the franchise stood and how we felt, which apparently was pretty similar to the way they were feeling. No, we don’t have any regrets. We’re looking forward to the future and we’re focused on the future and all that other stuff, but I don’t really think about it in that way.

You should have some regrets about the letter. Here’s the deal — if you had that letter typed up and mailed to each and every Cavs season ticket holder, then you can argue it was for the fans and supporters of Cleveland. The Internet doesn’t work that way — it is a public soapbox. Doesn’t matter what it says on your soapbox, once you stand on it and start talking it’s public for everyone.

The letter played well in Cleveland, I get that. But it didn’t help you with other players that you’ll be trying to recruit to your city and team the next few years, I can promise you that.

In fact, this year we’re projecting our highest revenue that we’ve ever had, so nothing that’s occurred has affected our finances going forward.”

Henry Abbott at TrueHoop said it best about this comment — if this team in this economy at this time is having revenue increases and its finances are fine, then it’s pretty hard for David Stern to tell the union in a Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiation how terrible the league’s finances are.

Cleveland Cavaliers comic sans court


They’ve got a sense of humor in Cleveland.

Remember Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert’s scathing/ridiculous letter to fans the night LeBron James took his talents to South Beach? Remember how much heat Gilbert took for writing the letter in the odd Comic Sans font?

That font is part of the Cavaliers court. Gilbert is seriously committed to it.

The team put in a new count this season in Quicken Loans arena, one that uses the two-tone wood look that is becoming NBA trendy. On the side of the court it says “Cavs.com” and does it in Comic Sans. Same as last year, it turns out.

Pretty clever guys, pretty clever.

(From Cavs.com via Ball Don’t Lie)

Regrets? Dan Gilbert has a few, but too few to mention


Thumbnail image for dgilbert.jpgWhen LeBron James announced his decision, Dan Gilbert lashed out.

It was an emotional response, a public letter that called James decision a “cowardly betrayal” and insulted James. It earned Gilbert a $100,000 fine and a rebuke from David Stern.

Gilbert now says he has moved on. So the Detroit Free Press asked him if he had any regrets.

“No, not really,” Gilbert said. “I just expressed what the Cleveland people were feeling. Unless you’re from Cleveland and experienced what they have experienced since 1964, it’s hard for the rest of the country to grasp.”

This echoes what we’ve said about the letter from the start — it played well with the Cavaliers core fans. Clevelanders loved it, and the good will generated was well worth the fines. Gilbert spoke for a fan base.

So now it’s on from the big words to see if Gilbert can help rebuild his team. No angry letters can do that.

Steve Carell 's "decision" is Outback Steak House; Chili's responds with Comic Sans letter.

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outback.jpgReportedly, the folks at ESPN wanted LeBron James to hold off on his decision until the day of the ESPY’s, so that one ego-stroking event could lead into another. Fortunately for all of us, the realities of the marketplace made that impossible.

The ESPY’s had to settle for parody — Steve Carell’s decision to take his appetite to the Outback Steak House. When asked about how this would impact the people at Chili’s, Carell said, “We had a good run at Chili’s, and in a perfect world I would be eating at Chili’s constantly, but tonight there’s no rules, just right. Outback Steak House.”

The people at Chili’s have a sense of humor — they released a letter from the company president, in Comic Sans font to Carell, echoing the Dan Gilbert letter.


You can take that to the smoker.

Pretty clever little bit of promotion. And it’s good to see that the entire “decision” can now be mocked in the name of business promotion. We as a nation are moving on. And eating out.