Charles Barkley dance mix, the new T-Mobile commercial

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Here’s a fun little diversion for a hump day.

Spike Lee is back making NBA commercials and this is the first one (it debuts on Christmas). Courtesy the fine folks at Dime Magazine, we bring you the latest Charles Barkley/Dwyane Wade ad for T-Mobile. Which is pretty amusing, as you expect from Lee.

My only complaint — Wade or Barkley should be using the G2. Still the best phone in the T-Mobile store.

Here's to a big NBA season

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The New NBA commercial cracks me up. But then, I love me some bobbleheads….

Strangest. Basketball. Commercial. Ever.


Sometimes you see a commercial and you realize you are not the target audience. Like every time I see a shampoo ad.

Or this one… where I have no idea who the target market is. Hoops playing botanists? Or maybe I do not understand Argentinian culture and marketing well. Clearly, they spent some bills to get quality production value on this and got Carlos Delfino and Luis Scola to be in it. But the plant thing….. I was expecting an ad for Round-Up. (Via the leg-en-dary Trey Kerby of Ball Don’t Lie, and Nice Kicks)