Check it out: NBC’s Collegebasketballtalk is here


Sure, we’re NBA fans here. But more than that we’re basketball fans. We’re hoop junkies. We watch a lot of college ball, too — I have had Long Beach State season tickets for years. And right now we’re heading into the best part of the college season, with conference tournaments followed by the NCAA Big Dance itself.

Just in time, NBC has launched CollegeBasketballTalk. If I have to explain the concept to you, well, we’ve got trouble. It’s anything and everything you need to know about college hoops. We know they’re good because they said good things about Long Beach (which you should do, they are the classic mid-major that could swing a first round upset with the right matchup).

We’ll be linking to them, and as we move closer and closer to the NBA draft you can bet we’ll be interacting with CollegeBasketballTalk a lot.

Check them out.


Video: Cal State Bernadino’s Kwame Alexander can basically fly


Yes, this is from college basketball. D-2 college basketball, in fact. But it’s so cool we don’t care. This video contains Cal State Bernadino’s Kwame Alexander, who weighs 240 pounds, taking off from a step or two inside the free throw line, getting his body nearly parallel to the floor, and somehow throwing down over a defender positioned at least a foot outside of the no-charge lane.

It looks like a charge could have been called, but it appears that Alexander got his body so high that the only part of the defender that actually made contact with Alexander was his arms, and he then went to the floor to try to sell the charge. Besides, and perhaps more importantly, would you want to be the referee to make that dunk count as a turnover? Wow.

(Hat tips go to The Dagger, Deadspin, and Ball is Life.)