Coconut Grove

LeBron now owns a mansion in Miami, with the wine cellar he always wanted


I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I was spending $9 million on a house I wanted to make sure it had a wine cellar and a place to park my yachts. Plural.

Check and check.

LeBron James new home in the Coconut Grove area has all that, according to the Miami Herald. We’ve told you about this place before, but the new article offers some details.

Such as it having the wine cellar, docks for two 60-foot boats, 12,178-square-feet of living space, water views from every room, a library, a home theater, an infinity pool with bar, a three-car garage and a guest house.

The cost was a cool $9 million and the home was officially purchased by Suite 823 Investments Florida LLC. As the Associated Press tells us, Suite 823 is the Cleveland headquarters of LRMR Marketing, James’ marketing company founded by himself and friend Maverick Carter.

LeBron James' house is nicer than yours


In case you were worried that LeBron James would be sleeping on a cot at American Airlines Arena, you can relax. The King has found his castle. has pictures of the home that you can’t afford (well, except for you, Mr. Cuban). It’s in Coconut Grove, the Hughes Cove neighborhood, and went for a cool $7.95 million.

It has four bedrooms, five baths, an elevator, a pool, and a back yard that fronts Biscayne Bay. But only a four-car garage, so there may be some cars up on blocks in the driveway. The home also has a touch-screen Creston control system that remotely adjusts air conditioning, lights, window coverings, and ertainment systems throughout the home. Nice.

So, just like your place, Mr. Cuban.