Tayshaun Prince was ‘trying to figure out what the hell happened’ after trade to Pistons


Tayshaun Prince has been looking for a buyout of his contract ever since joining the Celtics via trade with Memphis earlier this year.

Now in his 13th season, Prince presumably would like the chance to join a playoff contender, instead of toiling away in obscurity on a lottery team whose campaign will be finished on April 16.

But that’s not going to happen.

Stan Van Gundy has plans to play Prince, and play him extensively — a scenario which Van Gundy believes had Prince extremely confused, at least initially.

From Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:

“That’s an interesting situation because I think that was his expectation, quite frankly,” Van Gundy said Friday. “That’s certainly not why we acquired him. We didn’t acquire him with any kind of promise from us that we were going to buy him out. We brought him in here to play and play a lot. I think yesterday when I talked to him, yeah, his head was spinning a little. Things hadn’t gone in a direction he expected.

“Reggie was really, really excited. I think Tayshaun was — not unhappy, but he was sort of trying to figure out what the hell happened, and I understand that.”

It’s worth noting that with the trades the Pistons made, and especially with the addition of Reggie Jackson, they very well may be able to make a run at one of those final playoff spots in the East.

Detroit is currently just a game-and-a-half back of Charlotte for the eight seed, and two hames back of Miami, who may be without Chris Bosh for the remainder of the season.

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Heat announce Chris Bosh is out for the season as he receives treatment for blood clots on lung


The worst-case scenario for the Heat has been realized where Chris Bosh is concerned, as the team has ruled him out for the remainder of the season as he undergoes treatment for blood clots on one of his lungs.

The official release:

The Miami HEAT announced today that Chris Bosh will miss the remainder of the 2014-15 Season, while being treated for blood clots on his lung.

Bosh, who is receiving care under the guidance of Miami HEAT team physicians at a Baptist Health System Hospital, is currently resting comfortably. Chris is OK and his prognosis is good.

This affects the Heat in two major ways.

Miami is currently holding onto the seven-seed in the Eastern Conference playoff picture, but Charlotte, Brooklyn, Detroit, Indiana and Boston are all no more than two-and-a-half games behind. Without Bosh, the Heat will need Goran Dragic to make an immediate impact alongside a healthy Dwyane Wade to maintain that position for the rest of the regular season.

But forgetting about this season, the absence of Bosh may have a very real impact on Dragic’s experience with the Heat, and the team’s ability to re-sign him in free agency this summer.

Dragic has already been tied to the Lakers since being traded to the Heat, and if he’s at all uncertain as to what he does or does not have in Miami with Bosh sidelined, that may open him up even further to looking at other offers.

The most important thing here is the health of Chris Bosh, obviously, and that’s what ultimately matters most. But there will be a ripple-effect for the Heat from a basketball standpoint that will be extremely interesting to watch.

If Chris Bosh is out for season, what are Miami’s options? They’re not pretty.


It’s not official yet, but if Chris Bosh does have a blood clot in his lung his season is over. His condition is not yet a life-threatening situation Heat coach Eric Spoelstra said Friday, but it is not something that can be ignored and just played through either. The doctors need to figure out how and why the clots are forming.

If Bosh is out for the rest of this season, what options does that leave Pat Riley and the Miami Heat?

It’s not pretty.

With Goran Dragic running the show they should still make the playoffs in East, but the team with a starting five who made teams near the top of the East a little nervous disappears. The Heat have gone from the team you’d want to avoid in the first round to “I hope we get them.”

Bosh is that important. He is averaging 21.1 points and seven rebounds a game this season, but more than that he is the key to the spacing of Maimi’s offense. He can post his defender up if you go too small on him, step out and hit from the perimieter (including the three) if you go too big on him. He moves the ball, he creates matchup problems, and he’s a fantastic pick-and-roll defending big. He’s an elite player.

You don’t just replace that.

Miami has Hassan Whiteside and his energy, and post game, will get more run; but he’s not the polished shooter and floor spacer that is Bosh. Miami will likely lean on more Udonis Haslem, who may knock down the occiassional midrange baseline jumper but most teams will be happy to let him take it. Miami can lean more on Chris Andersen, but the Birdman has not been the same this season.

In the short term, the Heat have called up D-League forward Henry Walker (you may remember him better as Bill Walker, he changed his name). They likely will make a push to sign free agent Andray Blatche once his season in China ends. Blatche can hit some midrange shots, but again most teams would live with that considering the other options on Miami’s offense.

The best plan, now that Dragic is in place, is to go small and fast — try to run teams into the ground. With athletes like Whiteside, Luol Deng, and even Dwyane Wade Miami can win some games playing at pace. At least regular season games. The playoffs are another matter.

Spoelstra and the Heat have no good options. You simply cannot replace Chris Bosh.

But next season, Miami could be very interesting. And dangerous.


LeBron James to Chris Bosh: “Wish I could be there by your side”


It’s not official yet, but it appears Chris Bosh is done for the season due to blood clots in his lungs.

Doctors believe he has clots and have him on blood thinners, reports the Miami Herald. If true, this is a life-threatening condition that will cost Bosh at least the rest of this season and maybe longer depending upon what is causing the clots.

In the wake of Trail Blazer’s legend Jerome Kersey dying from blood clots this week, there is a lot of concern around the league for Bosh’s health. Including these tweets from LeBron James to Bosh.

LeBron’s sentiments echo those of a lot of people around the league who are genuinely concerned about Bosh’s health. Our thoughts at PBT are with him as well.

Hopefully we see him back on the court next season, especially since after the trade deadline this could be a very interesting and dangerous team in South Beach.

Report: Chris Bosh could have blood clots on his lungs, miss rest of season


Chris Bosh was hospitalized and underwent tests on his lungs yesterday.

This is not an ideal development.

Joseph Goodman of the Miami Herald:

The Heat could announce Friday whether Chris Bosh will be forced to miss the remainder of the season following tests on his lungs.

Bosh was admitted to a Miami-area hospital Thursday after meeting with a doctor. The Heat’s power forward underwent initial tests that proved inconclusive, according to the Heat. The fear is that Bosh could have blood clots on his lungs. If there is a pulmonary embolus, or multiple clots, then Bosh would be out for the remainder of the season, and possibly longer, while being treated with blood thinners for pulmonary embolism.

Although it’s clear nothing is confirmed, Goodman broke the initial news about the tests. He’s clearly plugged into the situation, and I doubt the Herald would publish this story if the concerns were unfounded.

Still, nothing has been stated conclusively. I’m still holding out hope Bosh avoids a major health concern.