Doc Rivers is sad to see Terry Francona go

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He led the Red Sox to their first World Series championships in nearly a century, so Terry Francona has a spot in the hearts of Boston sports fans forever.

But after a painful, epic collapse at the end of last season, Francona is out as the Red Sox manager.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers, for one, will miss him, Rivers told A. Sherrod Blakely at

“It’s sad for me,” Rivers said. “For me, it’s like losing a brother.”

Rivers said the coaching fraternity in Boston is a relatively close-knit bunch.

“All the coaches around here, we have a pretty good relationship,” Rivers said. “We talk and we share. To lose that, is really sad.”

Rivers has had more time than usual this summer to watch the Red Sox fall apart, thanks to the lockout. He’s flying around the globe to see his sons play. He’s getting together with coaches and doing some preparation for the season.

But there is only so much he can do — the Celtics have a lot of tough decision to make when the lockout ends that will impact what tools Rivers has to work with this season.

LeBron James brings his closing skills to Boston Red Sox


Less than a decade ago, the kind of collapse the Boston Red Sox pulled off in the last month would have been just part of another typical New England fall. It was just another scar for a fan base that expected nothing less and bonded over those wounds.

But this time, you can blame LeBron James if you want.

Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead retweeted this early Thursday morning.

Nice memory. Today will be fun RT @DinoNYK: In april lebron deals w/ the owner of the red sox. sox dominate until last month, then choke

Remember that LeBron struck a deal to turn his marketing over to the Fenway Sports Group, an arm of the Red Sox organization. And you LeBron haters haven’t forgot that he didn’t finish strong in the NBA finals (although you conviently forget how he dominated the Bulls late in the conference finals, at both end of the floor).

So LeBron is cursed, the Red Sox is cursed, that means 1+1= a good sports joke. A chance to mock LeBron and Red Sox Nation at one time.

Ben Golliver put it best: Post hoc, ergo propter hoc. (And if you don’t remember that, you need to watch West Wing reruns.)