Nobody is healthy, everybody going to play in Cavaliers/Celtics Game 3

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LeBron James’ elbow. Kevin Garnett’s foot. Anderson Varejao’s back. Kendrick Perkins knee.

Four injuries, one report: They practiced today and are all expected to play on Friday night in the big game three between Boston and Cleveland.

See, that wasn’t so hard. Brian Windhorst handled the whole thing on twitter. If this were the regular season they all might be taking some time off but it’s the playoffs so you power through it. You play hurt. All these guys are hurting and all these guys are a go. Simple.

However, since you crave details, here are some on LeBron’s elbow, via the aforementioned Windhorst.

There was not nor will there be a second MRI on LeBron’s ailing elbow. He went through practice today without pain and said he is ready for Friday night. There was also this series of tweets about the elbow (as opposed to by the elbow):

1. LeBron has had ONE MRI on the elbow and may not even need another one this week. And he may need one, but hasn’t had it yet. 2. LeBron is hurting and it showed in Game 2 at times. But neither he nor the Cavs believe it is a serious injury that could knock him out. 3. No one sure how long it will take to heal or what steps will be taken. But the team nor LBJ seems to be hiding severity based on sources.

The bigger issue for the Cavaliers may be if Antawn Jamison can get going against Garnett and if Shaq can get going against Perkins. Mo Williams got going for one game, but Rajon Rondo is going to make it hard for that to happen again.

It’s been more about the matchups than the elbow.

NBA Playoffs, Cavaliers Celtics: Garnett and Perkins are banged up but will go for Game 3

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Thumbnail image for Garnett_Game.jpgNobody left on a playoff team is really healthy right now. Well, Kosta Koufos is, although that isn’t really doing anybody any good.

But the Celtics had team heartbeat Kevin Garnett and the guy who has to defend Shaquille O’Neal (Kendrick Perkins) banged up, and that could be trouble.

Both are sore, but both will go in game three, according to

The good news is that neither of the players suffered dramatic injuries that will keep them out of the lineup for an extended period of time. The bad news is that the injuries are bad enough to keep both Garnett and Perkins out of practice in the midst of a do-or-die playoff series…

Perkins’ injury, a hyperextended right knee, happened at the team’s morning shootaround (on Monday before Game 2). The circumstances surrounding his injury weren’t what you would expect, as Perkins attributed the issue to a sudden lack of coordination.

Garnett’s injury is actually game-related, as he suffered a strained right mid-food in the final minutes of Monday’s win. He continued to play until Rivers took him out with 40.4 seconds remaining in the game, but his foot has also became more painful in the days since.

If the Celtics/Cavaliers series had been on an every-other-day schedule, Doc Rivers said KG would have missed Game 3. Thanks to the usually annoying, television-dictated playoff schedule, the Celtics are off until Friday. And this time, they’ll happily take that.