Danny Ainge fined $25,000 for tossing the towel

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Celtics General Manager Danny Ainge got caught up in the heat of the moment and forgot that at the NBA League Office, this is fining season.

Ainge has been fined $25,000 by the league for throwing a town in the air to distract the Cavalier’s JJ Hickson at the free throw line during the Celtics blowout win in Game Two.

Ainge went on WEEI and apologized for the incident.

“This is very simple, OK: I regret that. That was very unprofessional,” Ainge told WEEI-AM. “I was having fun with the hecklers and the crowd sitting around me. You know what, there’s just no excuse. It was unprofessional.”

That was not enough, the league office wanted its pound of flesh.

Ainge needs to pick his spots better. The Celtics were up 23 points in the third quarter when this happened, and Hickson is an unimpressive 68 percent free throw shooter as it is. If you’re going to get fined for it, at least wait to do it to LeBron at the end of a close game.

Cavaliers are not happy, not panicked either


That was an old fashioned ass-kicking the Celtics put on the Cavaliers last night.

Not shockingly, the Celtics players were pretty happy, but get a minute in and you will see one ticked off Cavaliers coach Mike Brown. He should be, his team played with no desire. LeBron James admits it, but isn’t nearly as freaked out as Cavs fans are today.

Watch the video of post game comments from last night and reach your own conclusions.