Carlos Boozer gets cast off, still expected back at end of the month

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When Carlos Boozer fractured his hand — he just tripped over a bag, stop asking! — it was expected he would be out until the end of November.

Today he got his cast off, which means he should be back… about the end of November. Sometimes those predictions are pretty accurate (unless Andrew Bynum or Kenyon Martin are involved).

Not only Boozer’s cast came off but the pins came out as well, according to a tweet from Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld.

Chicago is holding its own, going 2-1 without Boozer so far. Derrick Rose dominated the first two games, so Portland trapped him in a Monday night game and Rose just hit his teammates and spread the love, picked up 13 assists and the Buss got another win.

Bulls are not investigating Boozer injury. Nothing to see here, move along.


Carlos Boozer has what in layman’s terms is a “boxers fracture,” a break in the hand often associated with punching. Not tripping over a gym bag and breaking the fall with your hand, which is what Boozer told the Bulls and the press.

The Bulls are good with that, coach Tom Thibodeau told the Chicago Sun Times.

“From what I understand, there’s nothing to it,” coach Tom Thibodeau said of the report. “I spoke to [general manager] Gar [Forman on Sunday]. The team’s not looking into anything. He tripped over a bag and he got hurt. It’s a non-issue.”

Really, what’s the point of an investigation anyway? Poke around your new star’s personal life to piss him off, where you may or may not find anything? So you can take away some of his money with fines. Great plan. As Matt Moore said yesterday, what is the reason for suspicion in the first place — a bad negotiation with Cleveland six years ago? The fact he got injured since then, like most of the league? Give up people.

The Bulls were right to let it go. When they get him back they can start focusing and see if the Bulls can become the team everyone in the organization believes they can be.

Carlos Boozer fractures hand, out two months


Boozer_bulls.jpgAll the hope surrounding the Chicago Bulls just took a punch to the gut.

Carlos Boozer fractured the fifth metacarpal bone in his hand on Saturday, an injury that will require surgery and keep him out eight weeks, the team announced.

The injury happened on an off day for the Bulls. ESPN is reporting that Boozer tripped over a bag in his home and fell, causing the injury.

Boozer missed a lot of games with the Jazz (more than a quarter of the games the last six years combined) but played in 78 games last season and 81 three seasons ago. He has said that these tended to be fluke things, not chronic injuries. Breaking your hand? It’s another fluke. Maybe Boozer is just chronically unlucky.

It’s a setback for a Bulls team a lot is expected of. Boozer — at $75 million for five years — is supposed to bring the inside scoring presence the Bulls have needed to take the next step forward.

Now he won’t be doing that for about the first five weeks of the season, give or take. That may be at least 15 games.

Taj Gibson likely will move into the starting rotation, meaning Tom Thibodeau will start with the same front line that Vinny Del Negro had.