Nets sign free agent guard Darius Morris


The Brooklyn Nets made a money-saving trade on Thursday, shipping Andrei Kirilenko and Jorge Gutierrez to the Sixers for Brandon Davies and cash savings.

Now, the team has announced that they’ve signed three-year veteran Darius Morris.

Morris has played three seasons in the NBA—his first two with the Lakers and last season split between three teams: the Clippers, Sixers and Grizzlies. He has career averages of 3.7 points and 1.5 assists per game. He’s not really an impact player, but he’s probably the best they’d be able to do on the waiver wire looking for some backcourt help.

Andrei Kirilenko trade now official


The Nets agreed to trade Andre Andrei Kirilenko to the 76ers yesterday.

Now, the deal is official, and we know all the particulars.

76ers release:

The Philadelphia 76ers today announced they have completed a trade with the Brooklyn Nets in which the Sixers acquire veteran forward Andrei Kirilenko, the Nets second round pick in 2020, guard Jorge Gutierrez and cash considerations in exchange for forward Brandon Davies.  Additionally, the Sixers also receive the right to swap Cleveland’s second round pick in 2018 (which Philadelphia acquired during the offseason) with Brooklyn’s own second round pick that year.

In a related move, the Sixers waived Malcom Lee.

This trade will save the Nets $11,550,401 (Kirilenko’s $3,326,235 salary plus $8,224,166 in luxury-tax payments). If the Nets immediately waive Davies, whose salary is fully unguaranteed, they’d save an additional $3,756,413 ($3,165,664 in tax payments plus Davies’ remaining salary for the season of $590,749).

For the 76ers, the right to swap Cleveland’s pick rather than their own could be helpful. The 2018 draft is long way out, but considering the Cavaliers have essentially locked up LeBron James for the rest of his career – the way he framed his return, he can’t leave – they’re likely to remain good in four years. The Nets, on the other hand, are facing much more uncertainty.

Also, poor Malcolm Lee. Couldn’t even get his name spelled right in the official release sending him out the door.

PBT’s Wednesday NBA Winners/Losers: The Golden State train keeps a rollin’


Every night the NBA can be a cold hard reality — there are winners, there are losers. It’s the nature of the game. We know you are busy and can’t keep up with every game, so we’re here to bring you the best and worst of the NBA each week night. Here’s what you missed while flipping out over those extra $4 the Chinese restaurant charged you

source:  Golden State Warriors. And the train kept a rollin’… that is 14 in a row. If you were trying to knock the Warriors during this run you’d say that they haven’t played a lot of the West’s best in this stretch, but they got a quality win over the Rockets 105-93. Quality because the Rockets have still been rolling teams this season without Dwight Howard and they could have done it again with the way James Harden was playing. Harden had 35 points and he was getting into the paint and knocking down contested threes. Basically he was the full Harden but the Warriors absorbed that and won anyway. Second, the Warriors did it without Andrew Bogut — they missed his defense in the paint, they missed his passing, how he moved the ball from strong to weak. But they got 20 points on 9 shots from Harrison Barnes and a balanced scoring night (despite a rough start where they couldn’t buy a three in the first half).

source:  Andre Miller, Bradley Beal. It was the shot of the night, the game-winning tip in as the clock expired that gave Washington a big win on the road in Orlando. Beal rightfully gets a lot of credit for an athletic play at the rim (and he got a nice pick from Paul Pierce to create that space). But to me what makes this play is a perfect lob from Andre Miller — the professor threw the perfect pass.

source:  Derrick Rose. That was the attacking, aggressive Rose we have been waiting to see again. The one Tom Thibodeau has been asking to see. Rose was 5-of-6 in the paint, but also 3-of-7 from beyond the arc on his way to a a team best 23 in a Bulls win over Brooklyn. Rose was getting into the lane when he wanted, and he was putting pressure on the Nets defense, which is what he does best. It’s been a process with Rose getting back to being his old self, but when he plays like this the Bulls are so much more dangerous.

source:  Cory Jefferson’s jump shot. That was not the Bulls’ defense. Jefferson in his limited minutes as a rookie had taken just four three pointers this season. He might want to work on that a little before he breaks it out in a game again.

source:  Al Jefferson. The Hornets need some wins and Jefferson got them one against the Celtics Wednesday, putting up 23 points overall and getting 11 of them in the fourth quarter to secure the victory. What Jefferson — and Lance Stephenson and Kemba Walker — seemed to do more was attack the rim. Jefferson was getting the ball on the left block where he likes it and is nearly impossible to stop. That and stretches of good defense from the starters were what Charlotte needs more of to turn this thing around.

source:  Portland Trail Blazers. What. Was. That. The Timberwolves were the more physical team. The Blazers seemed disinterested early and never were able to get out of that funk. And when you shoot 10-of-35 from three (28.6 percent) you can’t just shoot your way out of it. Minnesota picked up the win 9–82. The Blazers had won five in a row coming in, we’ll consider this a one-off. But in the brutal West you can’t have many of these nights without hurting your seeding.

Cory Jefferson’s 3-pointer comes up way, way, way short (video)


Cory Jefferson is making his case to become the mystery player the Nets deal the 76ers in the Andre Kirilenko trade – or at least the player Brooklyn wants to send.

(hat tip: Reed Wallach of NetsDaily)

Report: Nets trading Andrei Kirilenko, picks, cash and, likely, a mystery player to 76ers for Brandon Davies


Update: The Nets will likely include Jorge Gutierrez in the trade, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports.


With Andrei Kirilenko seemingly done with the Nets, Brooklyn and the 76ers discussed a trade.

That didn’t pan out, but both sides tried again.

Apparently, the extra effort paid off.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports:

Ignoring the additional mystery player, the Nets would save $11,550,401 if they waive Brandon Davies (Kirilenko’s $3,326,235 salary plus $8,224,166 in luxury tax payments). Davies’ contract is fully unguaranteed, though he could provide useful big-man depth. Obviously, if Brooklyn includes another player, that would also reduce its payroll.

This deal probably won’t affect the Nets’ major plans, considering Kirilenko is in the final year of his contract and had fallen out of the rotation. If anything, though, this would only increase their desire to rebuild by trading Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and/or Brook Lopez.

The tanking 76ers will probably waive or re-package the 33-year-old Kirilenko, who wants to remain in New York through February to be with his pregnant wife. If he becomes a free agent, he’ll surely have multiple contenders offering him a minimum contract.