It’s official, Chauncey Billups out for season with torn Achilles


After watching Chauncey Billups have to be helped off the court Monday night, everyone feared the worst but was coming but hoping against hope it wasn’t true. It is.

Chauncey Billups out for the season with a torn left Achilles tendon, the team announced Tuesday afternoon.

Usually these injuries take 12 to 18 months to heal, which makes you wonder if the 35-year-old guard with a lot of miles on those legs will ever set foot on an NBA court again. He told Yahoo Sports’ Adrain Wojnarowski he plans to make a comeback.

“I will be back. I’m not done. I’m not retiring….I will play again.”

If not, this is a sad way to see it end.

Billups had gone from being a hometown hero leading a good Nuggets team to being shipped out against his will to New York as part of the Carmelo Anthony deal. He adjusted, found his footing there then when the Knicks made a play for Tyson Chandler they unceremoniously used their amnesty clause to let him go. The Clippers picked him up and that was not a place he was looking to land at first, but once he got there and saw what was building in Los Angeles, he settled in and fit in well.

Billups had to adjust this season once the Clippers picked him up — Chris Paul is the Clippers point guard, Billups called himself a second point but really had to play a two guard a lot more off the ball. He had found his way — he had 11 points in the first half of the fourth quarter before his injury Monday — and the last week or so was playing his best basketball of the year. What’s more, he was the veteran, steady presence late in games that could help a young Clippers team grow and be a force in the playoffs.

Then this.

The Clippers have guard depth — both Mo Williams and Randy Foye will likely get a lot of time with the first unit to see who is a better fit. As pointed out at, when Williams has been on the floor the Clippers offense has been better but the already not great defense has been much worse. With Foye it’s the opposite, the defense gets better but the offense struggles some. The Clippers also can toy with lineups as they have Eric Bledsoe just returning and Kenyon Martin about to join the team. But neither of them are a two guard.

The Clippers have a couple of trade exceptions and may go after J.R. Smith as well (although they can only offer the veteran’s minimum).

The Clippers will find their way.

But this is a sad way to see a great player — a finals MVP and gold medalist — like Billups go out.

Chauncey Billups injures Achilles, may be done for season


Through the fourth quarter, Chauncey Billups was being his Mr. Big Shot self on Monday — he had 11 points in the quarter and had knocked down three from beyond the arc to help the Clippers take the lead.

Then with 5:54 left he went down. Untouched. He had to be helped off the court.

It was his left Achilles tendon, and things don’t look promising. Nothing is official, the Clippers said he will get an MRI in Cleveland Tuesday. But there is this tweet from Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo.

With fear Chauncey Billups badly damaged left Achilles, source close to him tells Y!: “Doesn’t look good. MRI tomorrow. I’m sick for him.”

Reports out of the Clippers locker room were just as grim — Billups had on a full boot and left on crutches, with the prevailing sentiment being that he was “done.”

If this turns out to be a full tear of the Achilles it would take more than a year to heal, and one wonders if the 35-year-old could bounce back to play in the NBA again.

This also dents the Clippers chances at a deep playoff run. Billups has been starting at the two guard and that spot could be filled by Mo Williams, but then the Clippers lose their spark off the bench. If instead Vinny Del Negro has to play Randy Foye as a starter, well, that’s a big drop off from Billups. The Clippers have depth, but they don’t have experienced playoff leaders like Billups. They could go after J.R. Smith or another free agent, but can only offer the veteran’s minimum.

Mostly it’s just a bad thing to see happen to one of the good guys of the game.

Knicks’ Chauncey Billups “very questionable” for Game 2


UPDATE 12:20 pm: Billups sat out practice and Mike D’Antoni called him “very questionable” for Game 2 Tuesday, night, according to a tweet from Alan Hahn of Newsday.

That could be real trouble for the Knicks. In that game and in the series.

8:11 am: The Knicks could have used Chauncey Billups at the end of Game 1 Sunday, and now they might not have him for Game 2 at all.

Billups landed awkwardly and tweaked his knee with just 50 seconds left in what was at the time a tie game Sunday and went straight to the locker room not to return. What he told A. Sherrod Blakely of CSN New England is that he could miss time.

“My knee just kind of buckled,” Billups told shortly after the game. “I’m not really sure what really happened.”

Billups later told reporters that he “had no clue” if he would be able to play on Tuesday.

“We got a couple days, and I’ll just be treating it as long as I can,” Billups said.

Added Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni: “I know he’s hurting right now and we’ll find out (Monday), I guess. I don’t think it’s anything more than it’s going to hurt. If it hurts too much he can’t play, and if it doesn’t, he’ll be ready to go.”

In a series that looks to be entertaining and tightly contested, the presence of Billups could be huge. He is the 2004 finals MVP and has a reputation for hitting big shots.

Billups out Wednesday, day-to-day after that

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You had a feeling when a guy as hard core as Chauncey Billups used the word “severe” to describe his thigh bruise Tuesday night, he might not be playing Wednesday.

He is officially out for Hornets game Wednesday, the Knicks announced at shootaround, according to a tweet from Alan Hahn of Newsday. He is questionable for Friday.

Billups was injured with 2:13 left in the game against the Magic Tuesday night. He tried to fight over the top of a Dwight Howard pick and his thigh banged into Howard’s knee. Howard’s knee won. Billups left the game and did not return.

Chauncey Billups leaves game with thigh bruise, could be out Wednesday

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Carmelo Anthony is nice throw in and all, but it was brilliant of the Knicks to trade for Chauncey Billups — that guy is killing it.

Have you seen the Knicks?  Billups has become the brains of the outfit. The Knicks play smarter and more under control with Billups on the court.

Bad news is they may need to get by without him for a little bit.

With just a couple of minutes left in Tuesday’s loss to the Magic, Billups tried to fight over the top of a Dwight Howard pick and his thigh collided with Howard’s knee. Billups left the game and did not return.

Billups is pretty much made of stone and does not just leave games with little injuries. After the game he described it as a “pretty deep contusion” and told ESPN New York it was very, very sore. He sounded like a guy that could miss a game or two, although how he feels when he wakes up Wednesday morning will be the real test.

The Knicks play Wednesday night at home against the Hornets. The next game after that is Friday when New York hosts Cleveland.

By the way, Billups had 30 points plus six rebounds and six assists against the Magic before getting injured. Good thing the Knicks traded for him.