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Nets owner Prokhorov said he spoke with Deron Williams, jokes about Cuban


The Nets did not get Dwight Howard to pair with Deron Williams as the team heads to Brooklyn. (Although, if the Magic knew then what they know now, don’t you think they pull the trigger on that deal?)

The Nets are not good. They likely will not be good when they move into the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn next year Which means it’s going to be hard to keep Williams with the team. He can opt-out of his deal this summer and will, then he can re-sign with the Nets, head to his home town Dallas (where owner Mark Cuban has set it up so they can offer a max deal) or anywhere else he wants.

Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov wants a start to market when the team moves into New York next year — that other team in the city has stars — and he said in a media session at the new building he spoke to Williams about staying. Here are his quotes, via the twitter of Ken Berger of

Prokhorov, asked again about D-Will, reveals that he met with the All-Star point guard yesterday… Prokhorov on D-Will: “He wants to win, and I want to win maybe even more

Prokhorov on Mark Cuban competing for D-Will: “Let the best man win. If he wins, I will crush him in kickboxing throwdown.”

Oh God, please let their be a Cuban vs. Prokhorov throwdown. I will pay whatever the pay-per-view fee is to see that. Do it for charity, guys — think of the children.

Prokhorov’s problem is that D-Will does want to win badly and it’s hard to see that future with the Nets short term, but it is pretty easy in Dallas or even somewhere like Indiana (which also has cap space). The Nets advantage is that Williams has enjoyed living in New York and the marketing opportunities that brings him (he has signed a deal with Red Bull, for example).

How does “Brooklyn Nets” sound? Looks like team’s name.

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Next fall, the New Jersey Nets will follow Bruce Springsteen’s advice and “get out while we’re young” and drive up the road to the brand new Barclay Center in Brooklyn.

Which means the “New Jersey” part of their name will be a bit out of place. The Nets part could change, too, although teams tend to keep monikers even if they no longer fit — Lakers worked well in Minnesota, not so much in Los Angeles; Jazz was perfect in New Orleans and odd in Utah. But the location has to change.

And it looks like it will be the Brooklyn Nets. That’s what Barclay’s Center and Nets CEO Brett Yormark told The Big Lead.

The working title for some time has been the Brooklyn Nets. At some point, though, we will make an official name change. But for many people, this has been the assumed name, and the name Bruce Ratner [former majority now minority team owner and Barclays Center developer] has used for years.

When it was leaked that Houston is the likely host of the 2013 NBA All-Star Game I was a little surprised, because I was hoping for the new Barclay Center. (For selfish reasons, I’d rather go to NYC than Houston. Sorry Houston.) But Yormark makes it sound like they will go after some future All-Star games.

Let me put it this way: We are in the big event business, and the All-Star Game certainly would be classified as a big event. Our goal is to be aggressive to host every big event that we can.

Yormark says the Barclay Center will be ready to open on time in the fall of the 2012 season. Let’s just hope that’s not the next time the Nets take the court.

Nets new Barclays Center will look swanky, if you’re rich

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It is possible the next time the Nets play a game it will be in Brooklyn. We hope not, because that would mean an entire NBA season wiped out (greed is one of the seven deadly sins for a reason) but it could happen.

While the players are locked out construction is not at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn are not and work continues on the building, set to open in the fall of 2012. The architects just released some renderings of the building (see some at SLAM). What you see to the left is the main arena lobby. Nice.

What we really took away was how many images there seemed to be of the VIP areas of the building. Which of course is what the team is trying to sell right now because those luxury boxes and seats with perks are what drive the most revenue now.

And if you’re rich, the Barclay center is going to be sweet. Check out the suite with bar image below. It looks swanky. And as the people are cheering, we will assume they are Knicks fans out to watch their team.