Milwaukee Bucks mascot has some serious rage issues

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We’re Bango crazy today. Oh yeah, and also Bucks crazy after their big win to even the series, that’s really swell and all. But we love Bango, he is the man. Or the deer. Whatever.

However, Bango has some rage issues to deal with (we like that about him, too). Best not wear that Al Horford jersey around him.

The best shot you didn't see last night

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Kids, do not try this at home. Bango the Buck is a professional.

You may remember (but probably not, because who else really follows these things) that Bango blew out his knee doing a stunt last year. But that deer knows no fear. He got the knee repaired and is back doing…. crazy a– stunts. No other words for it. (via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)