Video: Highlights from Luda Day game — give us Bieber

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It was Luda Day weekend in Atlanta last weekend, where rapper Ludacris both throws some big parties and gives back to the community in Atlanta (such as taking 1,000 youth to see an Atlanta Braves game.

The highlight of the weekend is the charity basketball game, which featured Kevin Durant (of course it did, he’s everywhere), Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and of course Justin Bieber. Of course.

Below are the highlights, with plenty of Bieber. Because I know you secretly have all his stuff on your iPod. Admit it.

Former NBA star Ralph Sampson arrested over child support


Ralph Sampson, the former star NBA player that was part of the original “twin towers” with Hakeem Olajuwon, has been arrested concerning issues of child support, reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Sampson had his driver’s license suspended after failure to make payments, reports the paper. He had been pulled over just outside Atlanta after an officer saw the registration on his car had lapsed.

Sampson is now out of jail and denied all charges in an email to the paper (hat tip to I am a GM).

“My license was not suspended for failure to meet child support obligations of any kind,” he said in an email sent Wednesday afternoon to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution….

“This issue had nothing to do with child support,” he reiterated in the email. He said the suspension was “due to the non-payment of a $35 reinstatement fee.”

You can guess what the police said about arresting him on mistaken charges.

Sampson, at 7’4”, was the dominant college player in the nation his final year at Virginia. He was drafted No. 1 overall by the Houston Rockets and was key to the Rockets team that advanced to the NBA finals in 1985-86 (they lost to the Boston Celtics there). He played nine NBA seasons and made the All-Star team four times.

Atlanta Hawks head home… is that an advantage?

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Atlanta is just an apathetic sports town. Always has been.

I’m not going to try to explain it — Atlanta native Kevin Arnovitz laid it out better than I ever could hope to, and he doesn’t have all the answers — but I am here to pass along this tidbit:

The Atlanta Hawks return home for a huge Game 3 of a tied series with Orlando, and they would like some passion from their fans. And told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution they don’t really know what to expect (via Slam).

“Sometimes it feels more like a road game,” coach Larry Drew admitted Thursday. “Maybe our guys don’t respond to those things very well.”

“At home at times [this season] it didn’t feel like we had that confidence of the crowd, but I feel like our crowd feeds off what we do,” Al Horford said. “So if we have some highlight plays and really get it going, the crowd buys into that. Or we play hard. That’s all the fans ask for. It’s really disappointing at times we don’t do that as a team.”

If they hustle, if the get out and run a little, if they have a chance to take a 2-1 lead over the Orlando Magic when there are 6 minutes left in the fourth quarter, the fans will be plenty loud. But the Hawks have been blown out more than once this season on their home court due to a flat effort. That’s not on the fans. But it adds to their apathy.

This isn’t New York or Boston, they Hawks will have to drag their fans along with them. But those fans will jump on the bandwagon.

The Hawks just need to go out and give them a reason to.

Irate Allen Iverson asks police, “Do you know who I am?”


Any time you pull out the “Do you know who I am?” card with the police, you’re being ass.

Meet Allen Iverson.

Iverson was the passenger in a Lamborghini he owns that changed lanes without signaling around 6 p.m. in Atlanta on March 30. We’ll let CNN tell the story from there (via Tom Ziller at SBN).

The driver, identified in the report as Antwuan Clisby, couldn’t produce any documentation for the vehicle, the report said. He then told the officer his passenger needed to leave the vehicle to eat dinner, and the officer said no one was leaving until the investigation was complete.

With that, Iverson became “irate,” according to the police report, saying, “I’m the (expletive) passenger.” The officer radioed for backup, and a second unit arrived, according to the report. Clisby and Iverson were asked to exit the vehicle, while Iverson continued to curse at the officer, the report said.

When police scanned the identification number of the vehicle, which belongs to Iverson, it was found to have tags that expired in 2009. Iverson, former MVP for the Philadelphia 76ers, was told his car would be towed.

“Take the vehicle, I have 10 more,” Iverson said, according to the report. “Police don’t have anything else (expletive) to do except (expletive) with me.” He then asked, “Do you know who I am?”

Iverson continued to berate the officers and tell them about who he was for the next 20 minutes, police said. Nice.

First off: Iverson became irate when he couldn’t get to dinner at 6 p.m.? I knew he was getting up there in years but didn’t think he needed the early-bird special so he could get home in time for Wheel of Fortune yet.

Iverson is a complex person with a lot of different sides. Some of those sides can be an ass.

Atlanta nightclub drops lawsuit against LeBron

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LeBron’s team of lawyers came in and made quick work of this.

About 48 hours after a lawsuit was filed, an Atlanta nightclub amended it to take LeBron James out of it, the Associated Press reports (via CBS Eye on Basketball).

The Opera nightclub says “the matter has been resolved,” and it actually was “misled” by someone who was not authorized to act on James’ behalf.

The suit was over a party where LeBron was allegedly going to be paid $25,000 to appear, but instead of Opera James was going to appear at another club, the Gold Room. Apparently someone was promising to get James to appear when they couldn’t actually deliver him.

We don’t think concern over this led to James having an off night against the Lakers, we think that was Ron Artest.