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Every rookie-contract team option and extension decided by Friday


Outcomes for all the players you forgot were even eligible for a contract extension or team option... yes, I'm talking about Derrick Williams [more]

Arnett Moultrie suspended for violating NBA drug policy


Philadelphia 76ers forward Arnett Moultrie has been suspended five games without pay for violating the NBA’s drug policy, the league announced. A five-game suspension is the punishment for a third marijuana violation. (The first violation carries no penalty, and the second is a $25,000 fine.) Moultrie, who hasn’t played in Philadelphia’s last nine games, is [more]

Brett Brown: 76ers’ have just six NBA players


Many advanced stats, in basketball and other sports, rely on a concept called a replacement player. A replacement player is a hypothetical player who can easily be obtained to fill out the roster. In his definition of an NBA replacement player, Kevin Pelton says a team of replacement players would win 10 games in a [more]