Report: Gilbert Arenas fined $50,000 by team for faking injury

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As if the instant Karma was not enough, there is the money.

We knew that Gilbert Arenas had been fined after he faked an injury so he could sit out the Washington Wizards Tuesday night preseason game and get his buddy Nick Young some extra run.

That fine was $50,000, according to Michael Lee of the Washington Post.

Arenas was well received by the fans in Washington when Thursday night he played his first game for the team in Verizon Center since his 50-game suspension last season. Then, instant Karma.

Arenas is learning the hard way there are just things you don’t joke around about. Guns are on that list. Surgically repaired right knees are another. Heads up Gilbert, the owner’s mother probably also off limits.

This time he’s not faking (we think): Gilbert Arenas leaves game with groin strain.


Gilbert Arenas, meet instant Karma.

Arenas suffered a mild groin strain and had to leave after playing just three minutes into the Wizards preseason game against the Milwaukee Bucks Thursday night. He did not return to the game.

The injury comes just two days after Arenas admitted faking an injury so he could sit out a preseason game and teammate Nick Young could get more time. Arenas later apologized and was fined by the team for his actions.

The injury has been called minor by the Wizards although there is no word on how much time Arenas will miss. The team called keeping him out of the second half “precautionary.”

Arenas had entered the game off the bench midway through the first quarter. This was Arenas’ first game back at Verizon Center since his gun charges and suspension, and he was greeted with loud cheers from throughout the building. Wizards fans are clearly sticking with Arenas right now and welcoming him back into the fold.

They’re just going to have to wait a little longer to see him play much.