Anfernee Hardaway

Dwight Howard wants Magic to retire Penny’s number


Should the Orlando Magic retire the number No. 1 jersey of Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway?

Here are the stats: Hardaway played six years in Orlando, was a four-time All-Star in that span, helped the Magic reach the NBA finals, was two-time First Team All NBA, and along with Shaquille O’Neal helped put the Magic on the map as a franchise. He was big in the community, but injuries took its toll on his game.

Dwight Howard thinks that should be enough to get his number retired. Here is what Howard told the Orlando Sentinel.

“I think when the season starts – whenever that may be – he should have his jersey put up for what he did not just the team, but for the city,” Howard said. “We all know how great Penny has been for the game of basketball.”

Penny played in Howard’s Orlando charity game recently and got the loudest ovation of all the players, the Sentinel reports. Maybe there is a groundswell of support for that in Orlando.

The question is, what is the line where you say a player has done enough, is big enough to get a number retired?

For Dwight Howard, not moving on next summer might be enough.

If Penny does get his jersey retired, I want ‘lil Penny to do the introduction.

Friday Night Video: Don’t forget how good Penny Hardaway was


Say “Penny” Hardaway and too many people now think of ‘lil Penny, the wise cracking puppet Penny. Nike marketing sticks with you like that.

But lest we forget that Anfernee Hardaway could ball, we bring you his top 10 plays from the 1994-96 season. This is just a series of highlights that don’t show off what a pretty floater in the lane, how he was a guard that understood how to use his size to get off shots.

Injuries robbed him of some great years, which is sad. Enjoy, and remember Hardaway was more than the guy with the puppet.