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Deron Williams denies report he plans to go to New York

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You knew this was coming on All-Star Sunday like you knew Kobe Bryant was going to try and win the MVP and Blake Griffin would dunk the ball.

Deron Williams denied a report that he plans to follow Amar’e Stoudemire to New York after his contract expires.

He denied it directly to Ken Berger of CBSSports (on twitter), who made the original report.

“When it comes from my mouth, when I say I want to go to New York, then you can believe it.”

Williams has played his entire career as a member of the Utah Jazz, but can opt out of his deal after next season, in the summer of 2012. Chris Paul and Dwight Howard both can also theoretically become free agents that summer.

Predicting now what anybody will do that summer is impossible, in part because nobody knows what the free agency rules will be then under a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. But more than that, circumstances change. The hot franchise everyone wants to go to can change by then. Williams may feel differently by then.

So we’ll wait to see what Williams tells us down the line… okay, we probably won’t wait that long. But right now predicting that summer is a fool’s errand.

Vintage Artest got physical with Knicks, new Artest says don’t expect that again

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In a lot of ways, it looked like vintage Ron Artest on Sunday when the Lakers played the Knicks.

He was physical and a pest. He picked up a flagrant foul for a hard hit on Amar’e Stoudemire and got a technical for getting into it with Shawne Williams.

Except the new Ron Artest regretted it and said on Twitter not to expect more of that.

i wont be that aggressive if yal looking for that just mental toughness that was the old ron today i dont know where he came from

bye bye old RON too much emotion for me i am getting old

YAL HAVE TO WATCH BOXING OR UFC TO SEE THAT. i was actually very mad at myself for gettin that emotional piece out tweeters.

He is maturing. That vintage Artest was also an inefficient player (he was 2 of 9 shooting against the Knicks) so Phil Jackson would like back some of that more controlled Artest who knocks down his shots.

Mike D’Antoni isn’t going anywhere. Right now, anyway.

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By and large, Knicks fans bought in to what team president Donnie Walsh was selling about Mike D’Antoni — you couldn’t judge him on the first two seasons. The roster had to be gutted to clear out cap space. He didn’t have the players to win regardless of system.

This is the first season you can judge him — and the Knicks are 3-7. The team’s best player is bemoaning a lack of urgency from the squad.

Not so fast, Walsh told the New York Times.

“This team is a young team that has to be brought along a certain way. He’s trying to do that. In the first 10 games, I expected that we would be up and down, and we have. So I don’t think it’s time for me to make judgments on Mike.”

D’Antoni is going to get this entire season. At least. Raymond Felton has been about what you can expect Raymond Felton to be at the point, and Amar’e Stoudemire has embraced the role of star and team leader. But until Danilo Gallinari is consistently knocking down shots — until frankly the entire team starts to shoot well enough to space the floor — it’s not going to work well.

It’s still a process. And frankly the moves Walsh makes will matter more than the ones D’Antoni does.