In Orlando, Dwight Howard still heard some boos. He laughed.


Apparently at least some fans in Orlando have some residual anger toward Dwight Howard.

Howard spent the first eight seasons of his career in Orlando before leaving in 2012, under ugly circumstances, for Los Angeles (then leaving Los Angeles under ugly circumstances for Houston, and so on). The Magic have been rebuilding ever since.

Wednesday night, when Howard checked back into the game for Atlanta in Orlando, he heard the boos (as you can see above) and he laughed and encouraged them. Then everyone moved on.

The up-and-down Hawks went on to win the game, their fourth straight victory.

2017 NBA All-Star Game jerseys unveiled, and Adidas kept it simple. Too simple?


This is the last year Adidas will be making the NBA All-Star Game jerseys. Nike outbid Adidas for the right to make all NBA uniforms starting next season, and with that comes the rights to the All-Star Game, Christmas Day, and other specialized gear. Expect Nike to go big in its first season.

For it’s last one, Adidas followed its ASG trend of the past couple of seasons and kept it simple. Maybe too simple? You be the judge, here’s some snapshots of the new uniforms.

2017 All-Star West jersey

2017 All-Star East jersey

2017 All-Star East gear

2017 All-Star West gear

Yes, that is a small Kia ad patch on the shoulder — they had that for last year’s All-Star Game as well. Those are coming to the regular season soon, get used to it.

This year’s look is certainly less flamboyant than what Adidas did last time we were in New Orleans for the All-Star Game. I’m curious if the move last year — taking the game out of Charlotte because of North Carolina’s ridiculous “bathroom law” and moving it to New Orleans — impacted the design. It certainly gave them less time, Adidas likely already had something detailed for Charlotte. Here is what the last New Orleans All-Star Game uniforms looked like.

2014 NBA All-Star Game
2014 NBA All-Star Game

Blazers’ Meyers Leonard dunks on Stephen Curry, Warriors (VIDEO)

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Portland lost to Golden State Wednesday night, but they tried to view the game as a moral victory — Portland had been struggling, and they just hung with the best team in the West on the road.

That includes this Meyers Leonard dunk all over Stephen Curry.

Leonard came out high and set the pick for Evan Turner, then rolled down the lane and Turner found him — and it turns out Leonard can finish over people. Smaller people, but none-the-less that was impressive.

Curry finished with 35 points, Kevin Durant 30, and the Warriors did get the win.

Giannis Antetokounmpo takes off just inside free throw line for massive dunk (VIDEO)

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When he wasn’t hitting game winners Wednesday night, Giannis Antetokounmpo was putting up other highlights.

For example, this vicious dunk where he takes off from the Brooklyn Bridge just inside the free throw line to throw it down. It may be just the first week of January, but this dunk will end up on year-end highlight packages.

Antetokounmpo went on to have 27 and 13 and take New York by storm with his performance, lifting the Bucks to the win.

PBT Extra: Who should be East’s starting backcourt in All-Star Game?


Voting for the All-Star Game in New Orleans is open — and it’s not that easy. Well, actually voting is easy (online, Twitter, pretty much anyway you can think of) but the choices are not.

Take the Eastern Conference backcourt situation. Traditionally five guards make an All-Star Roster, but there are six deserving players in the conference: Kyrie Irving (Cleveland), Isaiah Thomas (Boston), John Wall (Washington), Kemba Walker (Charlotte), and Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan (Toronto).

Who should get the start? We asked people in a Twitter poll, and I discuss the results in this latest PBT Extra. The fans went with Irving and DeRozan, but there are other potential options. Irving seems a lock to me, the challenge comes with the second spot. Fortunately, fans were not down with the idea of Dwyane Wade getting the start.

The real challenge falls to the coaches who pick the reserves — which one of the six guards gets snubbed? Or, do you take six guards and we can start to discuss what frontcourt player gets snubbed? There are not simple, clear choices here.