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LeBron James on Michael Jordan: “Our games are completely different”


LeBron James is compared to Michael Jordan not because they have similar styles, but because at a certain point the games great players can only be measured against one another — and Michael Jordan is the ultimate bar. He is the GOAT (at least for most people, you can argue it if you want). LeBron wants to be on that tier.

But LeBron’s and MJ’s games are not the same. LeBron was asked about similarities in their styles at age 32, via Cavs.com:

“No. He was much more of a scorer, at that point did a lot of post work, but our games are just different. His body is different, my body is different than his. You recognize the dominance in someone at that age, but there’s no similarities in our game at all.”

What about the fadeaways?

“Our shots are different. He had much more lift in his fadeaway than mine. That was definitely a go-to move of his, but our games are completely different.”

LeBron is correct. Jordan had a more consistent jump shot from an early age and used that as a weapon, plus his footwork made him dangerous in the post much earlier. LeBron is more athletic and can bully his way to the rim against anyone, then uses that insane first step and strength to open up the other areas of his game (like his jumper). MJ was the better scorer, LeBron the more gifted and natural passer.

But game recognize game. These are two of the best the NBA has ever seen.

NBA’s best bloopers of 2016 (VIDEO)

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What have you got to do for the next 16 minutes that’s better than watching the best NBA bloopers of 2016?

Exactly, nothing.

This has Russell Westbrook dancing and blowing dunks. There is plenty of mascot action. There are more missed dunks. There are airballs. There are guys getting dropped on crossovers. There is just a lot you need to watch.

Bulls waive reserve guard R.J. Hunter

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R.J. Hunter was a first-round pick of the Boston Celtics in 2015, and he went on to play in 35 games for them, but during training camp this year Boston decided to move on and waived him the former Georgia Tech shooting guard. The Chicago Bulls picked him up on a non-guaranteed minimum contract.

Thursday, the Bulls waived him. He played in just three games for them this season as a reserve shooting guard.

For Hunter, who played a lot of last season with the Maine Red Claws, it is likely back to the D-League.

The Bulls made the move now to save some money, reports Bobby Marks of The Vertical at Yahoo Sports.

George Karl admits he’s surprised by reaction to book: “The backlash was interesting”


In his new book “Furious George,” long-time NBA coach George Karl has said that Kenyon Martin and Carmelo Anthony were burdened by the lack of a father at home. That the NBA has a steroid problem. That Michael Jordan approved trading Scottie Pippen for Shawn Kemp. That Kings owner Vivek Ranadive was an overachieving immigrant who trusts his instincts even when they are bad. That Damian Lillard is holding the Trail Blazers back.

The reaction has been swift, from Martin and other former players to Terry Stotts (Lillard’s coach). Karl has been called the most egotistical coach of his generation, slammed as out of touch, and has certainly burned any bridges back to coaching in the NBA (not that there were any bridges like that still standing after his time in Sacramento).

Somehow Karl is surprised by that reaction, he told ESPN’s Mike and Mike radio show (as transcribed by The Sporting News).

“The backlash was interesting,” Karl said Thursday on “Mike & Mike.”

When asked whether he was surprised by the reactions, he said, “yeah.”

Karl said he has not reached out Martin, Anthony, or anyone else in the book yet, but that he will, and that some of what was in the book was taken out of context in excerpts.

“I said it poorly, and I’m sorry that I said it poorly, and I’m sorry for the reaction,” Karl said about the father excerpt. “I know Kenyon; the one thing I love about Kenyon Martin is that he’s a good father.

“Sometimes I think when you take excerpts out of the book, it becomes not exactly what I said.”

We will see if players choose to forgive him. That’s a personal decision.

But Karl will have to live with the backlash, whatever he thinks of it. Hopefully, he sells a lot of books, and that makes him happy.

Andre Iguodala throws reverse between-the-legs alley-oop to Shaun Livingston (but it doesn’t count)


The whistle had blown, Kevin Durant had been fouled. The play was over.

But that didn’t stop the Warriors best highlight of the night: Andre Iguodala throwing a reverse, between-the-legs alley-oop to Shaun Livingston.

Of course, it didn’t count. But damn.

The Warriors hung on to beat the Cavaliers anyway.