Kemba Walker crosses up, drops Derrick Rose (VIDEO)


That is an All-Star cross over.

Kemba Walker earned his first trip to the All-Star Game this season, and he showed why at the expense of the Knicks Derrick Rose on Friday night. He crossed over Rose and made him stumble, then used a pick to get into the lane. Credit to the Knicks defense for rotating and cutting him off.

The Knicks went on to win the game, 110-107. Considering the Hornets are a good team (well, not since the calendar flipped to 2017, they are 3-13) and all the rumors circulating around the Knicks, this is a quality win.

Report: Celtics, Magic engaged in talks about Nikola Vucevic trade

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The Orlando Magic have an overloaded frontcourt, and Nikola Vucevic does not seem to be part of Frank Vogel’s vision of the future there — he came off the bench for a while but is back starting for Orlando now.

The Boston Celtics are looking for the right big to put next to Al Horford, a big who can score around the bucket would be nice.

Do we have a trade match? The sides are at least talking, reports A. Sherrod Blakely of CSNNE.com.

CSNNE.com has learned that the Celtics have talked with the Orlando Magic about a potential deal involving the 26-year-old center.

While no deal is imminent, the addition of Vucevic would be a significant boost to the Celtics roster on multiple fronts.

It’s unclear who and what picks would head to Orlando.

Boston could use scoring and rebounding inside. Vucevic has struggled this season in postups (26.1 percent of his shots, but his shooting just 45.1 percent according to Synergy Sports) but he has a versatile offensive game — he can make good cuts and work a little off the ball — that Brad Stevens may be able to better exploit than Frank Vogel has this season. His rebounding is up and he is solid on the glass.

Where he doesn’t help significantly is on defense.

Also, Vucevic has a very reasonable contract with two years, $25 million left on it after this season.

Boston has plenty of picks and young players it can throw in any deal — Vucevic isn’t worthy of the Brooklyn picks, but Danny Ainge has a stockpile he can lean on. I could see a deal being worked out.

PBT Extra: Joel Embiid, Rudy Gobert were biggest All-Star Game snubs


There are always snubs when it comes to choosing an NBA All-Star team because there are always more players on the bubble and deserving than there are slots. (And there should be 13 slots now, not 12, but that’s a different discussion for another day.) Still, on the whole, I thought this year was better than years past because no past-his-prime player was soaking up a roster spot thanks to the fans want to see him one more time.

But there were still snubs.

In this PBT Extra, I say the two biggest were Joel Embiid in the East and Rudy Gobert in the West. You can make a case for others — Damian Lillard might top that list — but the two bigs are my guys.

Report: Knicks, Clippers seek third team for Carmelo Anthony trade; Celtics out


Phil Jackson is looking to find a team that not only will take on Carmelo Anthony — and the 15 percent trade kicker in his contract — but one he wants to go to bad enough to waive his no-trade clause.

The Cavaliers are out. The Celtics are out.

The Clippers are at least still talking to the Cavaliers, not about a deal with Blake Griffin or any of their other big three, but with others. Instead, now the two sides are trying to find a third team to make the deal work, according to Ramona Shelburne and Marc Stein of ESPN.

The New York Knicks and LA Clippers are searching for third-team facilitators to keep alive the prospect of completing a Carmelo Anthony trade, according to league sources…

The most substantive talks between the teams took place last week, according to sources with knowledge of the discussions, but have continued into this week as the Clippers have maintained a consistent interest in Anthony, who has two years and roughly $53 million remaining on his contract….

Sources said that the Knicks ‎are reluctant to absorb the three years and $42 million left on Jamal Crawford‘s contract after this season, which has led to the hunt for a third team that might be interested in Crawford. The Clippers, meanwhile, are hesitant to surrender the sharpshooting Redick even if they were at full strength in the backcourt, sources said.

What does Doc Rivers say about all this? He dodges the question.

The Clippers should not do a deal if it involves J.J. Redick. Anthony is the better all-around scorer and shot creator, but Redick is the better defender and the better fit with what the Clippers do. Chris Paul likes to work off pick-and-rolls, DeAndre Jordan rolls to the rim, Griffin is a good passer and playmaker — all of them benefit with Redick on the floor because of his spacing. Teams can’t help off of him. Plus he can run opposing defenders ragged off multiple screens. Anthony stops the ball on offense, and having him means fewer touches for CP3.

Anthony plugged in with what is really a core four in Los Angeles makes them better, but as a switch with Redick it’s questionable if the Clippers improve. Why give up other assets for a potential neutral or worse move?

And what third team wants Crawford and that contract? What sweeteners will said team require?

If I had to bet, Carmelo Anthony will end the season a Knick. Then the rumors will start up again this summer.

Dwyane Wade, Jimmy Butler to come off bench Friday following rant


Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler had their say. Butler summed it up this way:

“Mother——- just got to care if we win or lose. At the end of the day, do whatever it takes to help the team win.”

Rajon Rondo had his say, calling out the “leadership” of Wade and Butler. Plenty around the team thought Rondo was right in what he said (not how he decided to say it).

The GM “admonished the players” so management had it say. But the organization was not done — Wade and Butler are not starting Friday night against Miami due to their rant, Fred Hoiberg said pregame. From Vincent Goodwill of CSNChicagoc.com.

Rondo said at shootaround he was fined by the team.

Wade and Butler both stated that they have a lot of respect for Rondo, but all parties seemed to want to move on. Butler put it best at shootaround: If the team starts winning games after this, people will credit this outburst, keep losing and they will blame it.

Either way, I wouldn’t bet on Rondo being on the Bulls much past the trade deadline, one way or another. He was likely gone pre-rant because of his play, this sealed his fate.