Quick look at the six other times the No. 1 pick was traded


The Boston Celtics are deep in discussions to move the No. 1 pick, swapping it with Philadelphia for the No. 3 pick plus future first rounders. The details on those other picks are not yet known, but that hasn’t stopped Celtics fans from freaking out online — they would rather draft Markelle Fultz No. 1. (There are rumors about the Bulls getting in this as a third team, but I have heard nothing serious or substantial along those lines, just speculation.)

This would not be the first time in NBA history the No. 1 overall pick was traded. Actually, it has happened six times.

Here’s a quick look at those trades, in order from most recent to oldest.

2014: Cavaliers draft Andrew Wiggins, trade him to Minnesota for Kevin Love. We all remember this one, once it was clear LeBron James was returning to Cleveland, the Cavaliers went instantly from young and rebuilding to win now mode. Wiggins had potential (he averaged 23.6 points per game last season for the Timberwolves) but the Cavaliers didn’t have time to wait and see if and when he would pan out. Plus they needed a big who could space the floor. Plenty of fans love to pile on Love online, but the fact is he’s been good for them and was key to them winning a ring in 2016. This trade has worked out pretty well for both sides.

1993: Orlando drafts Chris Webber, trades him to Golden State for a series of picks. Chris Webber was the Rookie of the Year and had a strong career, but the Magic got a lot of picks in this deal and made a haul. In this deal they got the No. 3 pick in 1993 (Penny Hardaway), a 1996 first rounder (Todd Fuller), a 1998 first rounder (Vince Carter), and a 2000 first rounder (Mike Miller). The Magic are not the Magic during the late 1990s without these deals to put players around Shaq, so it worked well for them.

1986: Philadelphia drafts Brad Daugherty, trades him to Cleveland for Roy Hinson. Cleveland made out here, Daugherty went on to be a five-time All-Star who anchored the Cleveland teams that were as much a threat to Jordan’s Bulls in the early 1990s as anyone. Philly traded Hinson within two years.

1980: Boston drafts Joe Barry Carroll, trades him to Golden State for Kevin McHale and Robert Parish. This trade set up key parts of the 1980s Celtics core that won three titles, so chalk this up to being a massive win for the Celtics. Boston sent out Carroll and the No. 13 pick, Rickey Brown, in that deal. Carroll averaged at least 17 points a game for the Warriors for seven seasons and was an All-Star, he was a quality player, but not on the level of the two other guys now in the Hall of Fame.

1957: Rochester Royals draft Hot Rod Hundley, trade him to (the then Minneapolis) Lakers for Clyde Lovellette and Jim Paxson. There were a number of other players in this deal, the Royals also sent the Lakers Bob Burrow, Ed Fleming, Monk Meineke and Art Spoelstra. Lovellette, now a Hall of Famer, played one season for the Royals then they traded him. Hundley was a two-time All-Star for the Lakers.

1950: Boston drafts Chuck Share, traded him to Fort Wayne Pistons for Bill Sharman. Share went on to have a solid nine-season NBA career. Sharman played 10 seasons for the Celtics, made seven All-NBA teams, and helped Boston to four titles. Sharman is in the Hall of Fame, so we can safely say Boston won here.

It’s official: Milwaukee names Jon Horst new general manager


When the Nuggets decided to promote Arturas Karnisovas to general manager to avoid losing him to the Bucks, it seemed destined that Milwaukee would promote from within to get their new GM.

They did that Friday, but not the guy originally thought to get the job. The name that came up early was Bucks assistant GM Justin Zanik, he interviewed for the job, but the three primary owners of the team could not reach a consensus. Zanik reportedly had the backing of coach Jason Kidd, but it wasn’t enough.

At some point, the focus shifted to Director of Basketball Operations Jon Horst. He wasn’t interviewed in the first round, nor was he one of the guys named as a finalist.

As had been expected since earlier in the day, Horst has been officially named the new Bucks general manager, the team announced Friday.

“Our No. 1 priority is building a championship-caliber organization and we believe Jon is the right person to be our General Manager,” said Bucks owners Wes Edens, Marc Lasry and Jamie Dinan said in a statement. “He has been an integral part of basketball operations for the last nine years, and has helped advise us on every major basketball decision since we purchased the team. Jon is very talented, capable, organized and someone we have leaned on for his strategic thinking and ability to execute our vision.

“I’m extremely grateful to our ownership group for their faith and trust in me,” Horst said. “Wes, Marc and Jamie have demonstrated a commitment to building a championship-caliber team, providing the necessary tools and resources, and I’m excited to execute their vision. In my new capacity, I’m looking forward to working with Jason Kidd and the coaching staff, along with our world-class performance team, to give our talented players the support they need to bring a championship to Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin.”

Horst will be working closely with head coach Jason Kidd, who has a lot of pull in the organization. Horst had more of a behind-the-scenes role in Milwaukee, but that is about to change. Can he do the job? Great question. The Bucks reportedly will try to hire a veteran personnel person to pair with Horst. It would be a surprise if Zanik stays in the organization.

The Bucks have one of the best young rosters in the league, led by Giannis Antetokounmpo. The Bucks also have the No. 17 pick in next week. There is a lot of potential in Milwaukee, it just needs to be guided and added to.

Lonzo Ball pens Father’s Day letter to dad LaVar


Lonzo Ball had some fun poking his dad a little for all the public talking and boasting in a recent Foot Locker ad.

However, with Father’s Day approaching Sunday, Lonzo took to the Players’ Tribune to post a letter to his father that showcases the person we often don’t see behind the bluster.

One of the things I admire most about you is that you don’t really care what other people think. People can have whatever opinions they want about who you are as a person, but they’ll never have all the facts. They’ll never know you like I do….

People may not see it, but I possess the very same confidence that you have. (I think [younger brother] Melo got all of the talking genes.) In fact, when I think about it, confidence is the most important thing that I inherited from you. The difference is, I’ve internalized it. Everything you’ve told me, I’ve absorbed and used on the court. That’s where I do my talking.

The confidence that you have in me makes me feel so strong. It’s helped me to never back down from a challenge and to stay true to myself. I’m going to be taking this next step to the NBA knowing that I’m ready. And no matter what’s thrown at me, I know you’re always going to have my back.

There are no perfect fathers. Lord knows I’m not. But if you are there for them, show them you love them, support them, help them toward both their goals, and help them become a good person, well, that’s about the best any of us can do.

That’s what Lonzo sees in his father. Which shows he’s done plenty right, too.

Richard Jefferson hasn’t decided if he’s going to do one more season with Cavaliers

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Richard Jefferson may have been 36, but he was arguably the fourth best Cavalier player in the NBA Finals. In a series where LeBron James and Kyrie Irving were looking for help, Jefferson gave them a quality 17 minutes a night off the bench, making plays on both ends (the Cavs were actually +2 per 100 possessions in the Finals when he was on the court).

The question is, does he want to do it again at age 37.

In his own podcast (which included LeBron James talking about Draymond Green), Jefferson said he is considering retiring. Again. Remember he was going to do that last yer but LeBron talked him into returning.

“I don’t know what I’m about to do next season. The only way I would come back would be if these m—– f—– figure this s— out. Honestly, at the end of the day, coming back alone was not only worth the experience but also worth ‘Road Trippin’,’ man. This s— was cool, man, because we gave fans something that they had never f—ing seen.”

No question he can still contribute in a limited role. The real question for Jefferson is: does he want to put in all the off-season hours to get his body in shape for the next season? Listen to Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan talk about retiring, and that was when they knew — they didn’t have the desire to do what it took physically to be ready for the next season. In the next few weeks, when emotions have settled down, Jefferson will know whether he wants it or not.

Likely No. 1 pick Markelle Fultz reaches endorsement deal with Nike

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If there is going to be one elite, superstar player to break out of this draft, the smart money is on Markelle Fultz. He has an incredibly well-rounded game, can do just about everything well. He is the clear No. 1 pick on almost every board. The only question is about what color shoes he wears next season — green and white, or red, white, and blue.

But we know those shoes will be Nikes.

Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical at Yahoo Sports broke the news.

No terms were released, but last year’s No. 1 pick Ben Simmons reached a five-year, $20 million deal with Nike. This likely is in that ballpark.

That’s not what likely No. 2 pick Lonzo Ball will do, his dad helped put together his own shoe line.

This deal will cover apparel as well, and if Fultz is as good as some project you can bet his next shoe deal will be much larger.