Always wanted to see Nick Young in lederhosen? We’ve got you covered.


You always wanted to see Nick Young wearing lederhosen, you just didn’t know it.

The Lakers’ Young and some friends are on vacation in Germany. Apparently, Young was on his way to a beer garden and decided to get into the theme. It’s not October, but Young pulls it off.

Germany Lit fit

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Beer festival imma a real German 😂😂😂😂😂

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Once again, Nick Young is having more fun than you are.

Damian Lillard rallies Blazers’ players to donate $224,000 in playoff bonuses to team staffers


NBA players get paid from the start of the season, from late October through mid-April. When the sports world turns its eyes closely to the NBA for the playoffs, the players are no longer getting checks from the team, at that point they are playing for pride/brand/playoff bonuses.

Damian Lillard rallied the Portland players this year to do something different with their playoff bonuses from the first round — turn them over to team staff to reward them.

Via Jason Quick CSNNW.com.

The day after the Blazers were eliminated from the playoffs with a disappointing sweep at the hands of Golden State, Lillard still had one task to perform: Getting the rest of the team to sign off on donating their playoff checks…

As captain for the past two seasons, Lillard has made it clear to his teammates that their playoff checks should be donated to the Blazers’ support staff, which consists of everybody from massage therapists to the trainers at the practice facility.

“We divide our playoff shares to give to the people who we work so closely with because they spend as much time away from their families as we do, and they are just about as invested as we are,’’ Lillard said after the season. “They also do as much as possible to make our lives easier, even if it makes theirs more difficult – all while making far less. So it’s a further way of showing appreciation beyond a thank your or a handshake.’’

Portland got a check for $223,864 from the league as a playoff bonus, which is to be divided among the players (the deeper a team goes in the postseason, the more money they get, up to a few hundred thousand). Divided up that would have been about $16,000 per player — not nothing, but that lowest paid player on the Blazers roster this season was Tim Quarterman at $543,471. Safe to stay a few thousand dollars (whatever it breaks down to) matters more to that staff than it does the players.

This is just a very Lillard thing to do. He was awarded the Pro Basketball Writers Association’s Magic Johnson Award this season for the player who combines being good on the court with cooperation with the media off it. (Note: I am a member of the PBWA.) He’s the face of the Blazers in the community, and just someone who by his nature is a good person trying to connect with the fans. Donating the playoff checks is just an extension of who he is.

Raptors’ Kyle Lowry calls himself “doubtful” for Game 4


Kyle Lowry sprained his ankle in Game 2 — and it was an inward sprain, the more rare kind that hits the inside of the ankle and seems to heal slower than the usual outward roll. Lowry was officially available for Game 3, but he didn’t touch the court and DeMar DeRozan tried to carry the load, but the Raptors came apart in the fourth and lost.

Down 0-3 against a dominant LeBron James led Cavaliers team, will Lowry be back for Game 4 Sunday? Not likely. According to Lowry himself (via the fantastic Eric Koreen of The Athletic).

Without Lowry, it’s hard to be optimistic about the Raptors chances of avoiding the sweep. DeRozan put up 37 points in Game 3 and did his best job offensively of stringing out the traps and double teams Cleveland threw at him to open up shots for teammates. But even if he has another monster game will he have enough help to get the job done?

Against a Cleveland team playing better and better every game, particularly LeBron being at the peak of his form, it’s just hard to picture.

Kelly Oubre suspended for Game 4 after shoving Kelly Olynyk to ground


It was obvious this was coming.

Boston’s Kelly Olynyk has played hard, set illegal screens, and has even taken some cheap shots on Kelly Oubre and other Wizards all series long, but if you get up and sprint halfway across the court to shove a guy to the ground, you are going to get suspended in the NBA. That’s not really up for debate. And that’s what Oubre did in the second quarter of Game 3.

So the suspension is happening. Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical at Yahoo Sports broke the news.

The league has since confirmed it, saying the suspension was for “making forceful and unwarranted contact with Boston Celtics center Kelly Olynyk.” There was no fine for Olynyk for the screen he set that was the final straw for Oubre.

This is a blow to the Wizards bench, which has already been thin and inconsistent this series. Oubre gave the Wizards a long defender who could switch onto Isaiah Thomas and give the little guard trouble (as much as anyone is able to once he gets going). Expect more Tomas Satoransky and/or Sheldon McClellan off the bench, but the leash will be short for them and coach Scott Brooks may be forced to lean more heavily on his starters.

This has been a physical, chippy series between Boston and Washington teams that simply do not like each other — and that is good. Some real bad blood makes the playoffs far more entertaining to watch, and the last game had eight technicals and three ejections. That said, players cannot lose their cool — Oubre lost his head for a second and he will hurt his team in Game 4 by his absence. Players try to get under each other’s skin, Oubre lost when he let Olynyk in.

PBT Extra: Jimmy Butler question still hangs over Chicago Bulls offseason


John Paxson and Gar Forman will be back heading up the front office. Fred Hoiberg will be back as coach. Rajon Rondo almost certainly will be back at the point guard spot.

But will Jimmy Butler return next season in Chicago? Or will the Bulls move him?

That answer isn’t clear and hangs over the Bulls as they enter the offseason. The answer to that question is tied to the main one in Chicago: What kind of team are they trying to build, anyway? And if Dwyane Wade returns is certainly tied to the Butler question.

I get into all of it in this PBT Extra. Just don’t expect a lot of definitive answers, because I’m not sure if GarPax has them.