Shaq, Kobe relive feud in funny NBA 2K18 Legends promo video


The Shaquille O’Neal/Kobe Bryant feud that ultimately broke up the three-peat Lakers is the stuff of legend. Two massive egos battling for power and Phil Jackson manipulating it all to try to get titles.

Now, the two get along just fine.

However, they revisited the feud to help sell NBA 2K18 Legends edition — Shaq is on the cover, but Kobe makes a cameo in this promo video. And it’s damn funny.

Portland’s Allen Crabbe has surgery for “stress reaction” in foot

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Allen Crabbe signed a four-year, $78.4 million contract last summer — Portland matched a Brooklyn offer sheet — and then went out and proceeded to be pretty pedestrian this season. Portland paid him off a strong third season but he plateaued this past season, shooting 44.4 percent from three as a guy strong on the catch-and-shoot but unable to offer much more on offense, and he didn’t develop like the team hoped defensively. In the playoffs he was an afterthought.

This might have had something to do with it.

Crabbe will have surgery “to repair a stress reaction of the fifth metatarsal bone in his left foot” the team announced Monday. He should be ready to go for next season, reports Chris Haynes of ESPN.

This is what would be known as a Jones Fracture if it developed into more than a stress reaction — the same injury that kept Ben Simmons on the Sixers bench all season, and it cost Kevin Durant considerable time a few seasons back in Oklahoma City. Portland seems to have gotten to it before it progressed that far, but that there will be surgery suggests this is serious.

The fifth metatarsal is the bone that connects the little toe up to near the ankle of the foot. The danger with injuries there is the blood flow to the area is not great, so healing can be slow. Expect the Blazers to be cautious with bringing Crabbe along next season.

Dwight Howard cited for speeding, has car towed on night Hawks eliminated

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Well, that was a crappy day.

Back on April 28, the Washington Wizards went into Atlanta and beat the Hawks, ending Atlanta’s playoff run and season. Dwight Howard had an uninspiring nine points, seven rebounds, and five turnovers. After the game, he was frustrated about how he was being used. Or something.

He decided to get those frustrations out with a long, fast drive. Except, that didn’t go so well either, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Just a few hours after that loss, Howard was pulled over by police in Dunwoody. A few minutes later, an officer had the eight-time NBA All-Star’s car towed.

A police report states that Howard, 31, was pulled over for speeding in the wee hours of the morning on April 29. Police found that he was driving on a suspended registration and without insurance.


Howard got off fairly lightly for going 95 in a 65 zone, according to the report the AJC saw. Howard was given a ticket for not having insurance but a verbal warning for speeding and the lack of registration. The vehicle was towed, Howard got in the black SUV of his bodyguard (who had followed Howard while he was driving/speeding).

It’s going to be an interesting off-season for Howard, who has two-years and $47 million left on his contract. Depending on who the new head of basketball operations for the Hawks turns out to be, and what direction he takes the roster, Howard could find himself on the trade block. Not that he would fetch much, as the playoffs showed the game is moving in a direction that doesn’t fit with Howard’s game anymore.

Draymond Green on Cavaliers in East: “When you watch them, you watch one team playing good basketball”

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Draymond Green is talking a lot lately.

On the day he made pot-calling-the-kettle-black comments about Boston’s Kelly Olynyk being a “dirty” player, Green decided to take shots at every team save the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference when asked about Cleveland’s romp through the East.

Via Chris Haynes of ESPN:

“I thought teams would compete a little harder,” Green said after shootaround on Monday. “I just watched San Antonio-Houston. I like to watch good basketball. When you watch Cleveland play, you’re only watching one side of the good basketball. That’s kind of weak.

“I like watching a good game, not even necessarily that it’s going to be a close game. I like to watch teams playing good basketball. When you watch them, you watch one team playing good basketball and everybody else do something. I don’t know what that something is.”

Some quick thoughts here.

• Green is right, nobody was terribly impressed by Indiana in the first round, then again nobody was impressed by Portland either.

• In the second round, the Cavaliers played better defense, exploited mismatches, and dismissed the 51-win Raptors with ease. The Warriors are up 3-0 heading into Monday night’s game with the 51-win Utah Jazz. While I would argue the Jazz are better built for the postseason than the Raptors, it’s not like the Warriors have had a difficult path through the playoffs.

• It’s not the Cavaliers’ fault that the rest of the East does not have a true contender among them. If anything, teams on the rise in the East are trying to make their peak a couple of years from now when, in theory, LeBron James and the Cavaliers have started to fade. Right now, Cleveland is a juggernaut in the East.

• LeBron has been the best player in the playoffs, and most concerning to Golden State should be his 46.8 percent three-point shooting in the postseason. Golden State’s go-to strategy against LeBron is to go under the pick and dare him to beat them with his jumper, because that’s less dangerous than him on the drive, but if LeBron is knocking down those shots a Finals rubber match just got a lot more interesting.

Shaquille O’Neal will be on cover of NBA 2K18 Legend Edition

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He is the MDE. The Diesel. The Big Aristotle. The Big Cactus. Superman. Shaq Daddy.

He’s also a Hall of Famer and still one of the faces of the NBA.

And Shaquille O’Neal will be on the cover of NBA 2K18 Legend Edition when it comes out this fall, 2K sports announced today.

“I want to thank NBA 2K for their continuous support of my basketball and broadcast career,” O’Neal. “I’m excited to be on the cover of the NBA 2K18 Legend Edition and I hope my fans have a blast playing it up big man style and re-creating my most legendary in-game moments!”

This is Shaq’s third time on an NBA 2K cover, for those of you counting such things. If you’re trying to get people’s attention on the cover, hard to go wrong with this call.

Gamers who pre-order the NBA 2K18 Legend Edition will receive special Shaq memorabilia, in-game content, and Early Tip-Off Access beginning September 15, 2K announced.

The best way to keep up with the latest on NBA 2K18 is to follow @NBA2K on Twitter, or if your older you can do it on Facebook.