Khari Arnold

Best dunks of the 2013-2014 NBA Season (VIDEO)


There aren’t too many videos better than a compilation of the best dunks in an NBA season.

The highlights of the Dwyane Wade lob to LeBron James has come to an end, but it was fun to watch during the 2013-14 season and the previous three years.

We may see a Paul George in-game, windmill dunk again during the 2015-16 season, but not anytime soon after he suffered a horrific injury in the TEAM USA scrimmage. The Chris Paul to Blake Griffin connection is probably the best in basketball and will continue as it made multiple appearances in the above video of the 2013-2014 memorable dunks.

Stephen Curry says he’s a better offensive player than LeBron James (VIDEO)


If the question was who’s the better shooter between Stephen Curry and LeBron James, Curry would undoubtedly be the guy. He holds a career average of 44 percent from the three-point line compared to LeBron’s 34 percent.

Curry, however, believes his game goes beyond the three-point line (which it does, his assist rate has increased significantly each of the last three years) and that he’s a better offensive player than LeBron (which is questionable, the physical presence of James that allows him to score anywhere from the floor goes unmatched). Jump to the 4:12 mark to hear Curry’s remarks.

Granted, at the 1:02 mark, Curry said if he were to start a football team, he’d place LeBron at the tight end position with Curry being the quarterback.