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How did Terry Rozier know he was hitting it big? Urkel.


Scary Terry broke out last year. Terry Rozier had been playing well for the Celtics all season off the bench, but when Kyrie Irving went down and Rozier got thrust into a bigger role he thrived. Rozier averaged 16.5 points and 5.7 assists per game in the playoffs, leading the Celtics all the way to Game 7 of the Conference Finals.

With the extra court time (and screen time), Rozier became a celebrity. How did he know he had gotten big? Urkel, as he explained to GQ.

Man, Urkel. We were out to eat in LA. He was with his bodyguards. He got up to leave and he tapped me. “You had a great year.” Everybody knows who Steve Urkel is. That was nuts. It’s been crazy all summer. People can take it two ways. They can either be satisfied or it can be a thing where, “I want this to happen forever.” It’s definitely humbling and it’s a blessing. I want this to always be like this.

Rozier talks about a lot of interesting things in the article, from the wisdom of Brad Stevens to picking his father up from jail, and of course the new contract with PUMA. It’s worth the read.

And with the Rozier heading into a contract year, his future and how much other teams may pay to poach him will be a big topic all season.

Top 10 most clutch plays of 2017-18 NBA season


The NBA has buzzer-beating moments nearly every week during the regular season. The argument over who is “clutch” and who is not has raged on for decades. Advanced staticians have even begun to try to create measurements in order to rank players by their clutchness.

There were plenty of big shots abound in the NBA this season, including those by the likes of Terry Rozier, Carmelo Anthony, and LeBron James.

But the top entry in the most recent video list released by the NBA was not an offensive play, but a defensive one. Take a look at the video above, check out the most clutch plays of the 2017-18 NBA season, and tell us which you think was the iciest play of the year.

Rumor: Suns may target Patrick Beverley, Cory Joseph, Spencer Dinwiddie for trade

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The Suns want to trade for a point guard, and this summer targeted for some big names (Kemba Walker, Damian Lillard, Terry Rozier) only to strike out.

That doesn’t mean they’re done trying. John Gambadoro of 98.7 FM in Phoenix, who is connected within the Suns, laid out a number more rumors, via the station’s website.

Among targets, the Suns have discussed the Los Angeles Clippers’ Patrick Beverley, Indiana’s Cory Joseph and the Nets’ Spencer Dinwiddie.

First things first, these are the teams internally that the Suns would like to target, that’s very different from having an actual trade conversation with a team that goes anywhere. This is a wish list for Phoenix (and if I were with the Suns I would leak something like this to show the fans how hard we’re working, even if it wasn’t likely to come to pass).

All three of those guys are players in the final year of their contracts who maybe become available around Christmas or after if their teams struggle to start the season, or other players on their teams make them more expendable. However, all three also would extract a pretty big price to get, then the Suns would have to re-sign them in free agency.

Beverley is in the final year of his $5 million contract (which is not fully guaranteed, but the Clippers aren’t cutting him), and he is coming off microfracture and meniscus surgery on his knee that sidelined him most of last season. He is a guy other teams are watching because if he is healthy, and if the Clippers fall back in the West, they could decide to move more into a rebuild mode and make guys available (that is not a sure thing. However, owner Steve Ballmer is trying to get a new arena constructed in Los Angeles and may not want to lose a lot while going through an approval process with plenty of opposition).

Joseph is in the final year of his $8 million contract, and the Pacers have high hopes of not only making the playoffs but doing some damage there, taking a step forward off last season. With that, they have Darren Collison and rookie Aaron Holiday at the point as well — if Collison can stay healthy and if Holiday can show he is ready to contribute at a backup level now then maybe the Pacers will listen to offers. But those are two big “ifs.”

Dinwiddie is in the final year of a steal of a contract at $1.7 million. The Nets like Dinwiddie a lot and have some real decisions to make about the future of their point guard spot this season, primarily how much do they like D'Angelo Russell and how much are they willing to pay him a year from now as a restricted free agent. Even if the Nets decide they want to spend to keep Russell, they love Dinwiddie and it’s hard to imagine them moving him without a lot coming back their way in the trade.

None of these trades are likely, but it’s something to watch as we slide into the season.

Report: Knicks rookie Kevin Knox signs deal with Puma


New York Knicks rookie Kevin Knox was the darling of the 2018 NBA Las Vegas Summer League. And while Knox and the Knicks didn’t win the championship — that honor went to the Portland Trail Blazers — the performance of the former Kentucky Wildcat perhaps gave some hope to New York fans for a brighter future.

It also appears that some companies have taken note of Knox as well. According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, Knox is the latest target of Puma brand.

The long-dormant shoe company has made a return to basketball for the upcoming NBA season, notably signing Deandre Ayton, Terry Rozier, Marvin Bagley III, Michael Porter Jr., and Zhaire Smith. Knox was seen wearing a Puma shirt this week.

Via Twitter:

Puma has seen a bit of a sea change in 2018, with its parent company divesting itself of a large portion of its controlling interest as of this June. The move is supposed to give Puma more direct control, and moving forward with a basketball division seems in line with that strategy.

Under Armour and Adidas have been battling for market share against Nike over the past couple of years, and perhaps Puma sees a chance to grab some of that pie. Betting on some of these young players is a reasonable strategy for Puma, as rookies will no doubt be cheaper for the company than established veterans. At the same time, mid-level rookies will receive more money than they would from Puma than the more recognizable basketball apparel stalwarts.

Now we just need to wait and see how Puma develops lines for their basketball side of business.

Jayson Tatum on Celtics having so many ball handlers: “We’re gonna find a way to make it work”

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Kyrie Irving has arguably the best handles in the league and is an elite shot creator who should have the ball in his hands a lot. Gordon Hayward is a player who can create quality shots for himself and others with the ball in his hands. Maybe he was just a rookie, but Jayson Tatum showed last season (and especially in the playoffs) he can handle the rock and score. When Irving went down injured Terry Rozier stepped up and showed if you put the ball in his hands he can run a team and get buckets.

NBA rules permit only one ball on the court at a time.

Is this going to be a problem? Tatum told Jake Fischer of Sports Illustrated it’s not.

“We’re all professionals. We’re gonna find a way to make it work. At the end of the day, we all want to win, so everybody has to sacrifice when you want to be a part of something special. It’s not gonna be any different for us.”

There will be some adjustment — the Celtics are not used to Hayward in the rotation — but Stevens has built a culture where guys understand that to win takes sacrifice. It takes putting the team ahead of your numbers. The locker room leaders like Al Horford get that. Irving gets it — he got his ring playing next to LeBron James, which can require massive sacrifice at times. The stars lead by example, the coach helps set that culture, and then everyone buys in.

In Boston, everyone has bought in. Which is why they are the favorites in the East. Jaylen Brown took that one more step and said the Celtics are going to the Finals, you good with that boast Tatum?

“Man, I’m always going to back up my teammates. I’m not saying that we’re gonna be able to skip steps. We gotta take it one game at a time. I just hope that we stay healthy this year and see what we can do.”