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Report: Timberwolves rejected Heat offer for Jimmy Butler that included Josh Richardson, protected first-rounder


The Heat and Timberwolves were reportedly moving toward a Jimmy Butler trade, but talks broke down. Then, the Heat and Timberwolves were reportedly moving toward a Jimmy Butler trade, but talks broke down again.

The latest holdup apparently wasn’t Miami’s willingness to include Josh Richardson. It was Minnesota owner Glen Taylor.

Marc Stein of The New York Times in his newsletter on Taylor:

could have escaped his Butler nightmare by accepting a package from Miami that would have been headlined by the promising Heat swingman Josh Richardson and a protected first-round pick.

This trade offer looks good on the surface, but not enough details are known to properly evaluate it.

Additional pieces would have been required to satisfy salary-cap rules. Chiefly, the Heat would have had to send out additional salary. They have multiple players seen as having negative-value contracts – Tyler Johnson, Dion Waiters, Hassan Whiteside. Including one of those three in the deal would have made it worse for Minnesota.

Also, what were the protections on the first-round pick? That could change the value of it significantly. Even if the pick started as lottery protected, a key question would remain: What would happen if not conveyed in the set number of years? Would it become unprotected, or would it become a second-rounder or two? The difference in value is vast.

Maybe Taylor and the Timberwolves should have accepted this offer. But I don’t see enough to make that judgment with any reasonable degree of certainty.

Report: Heat source says Timberwolves asking for ‘the first born of all our kids’

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Timberwolves-Heat Jimmy Butler trade discussions reportedly collapsed over the weekend, Miami placing the blame on Minnesota.

Just how bitter are the Heat?

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald:

Asked what the Wolves are seeking, a Heat source said: “The first born of all our kids.”

The Wolves are believed to be asking for several of the assets the Heat considers most valuable: Josh Richardson, Bam Adebayo, Goran Dragic, Kelly Olynyk, Justise Winslow and a No. 1 pick.

That’s some rhetoric.

Remember, the Heat are incentivized to paint Minnesota – especially Timberwolves president-coach Tom Thibodeau – as unreasonable. That could get Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor, who’d probably be more agreeable, to step in and run negotiations.

Either the Heat are desperate for that to happen or Minnesota is really getting on their nerves. Maybe both. But discussions have pushed Miami to this extreme position.

The Heat have several players with consensus bad contracts: Tyler Johnson, Dion Waiters, Hassan Whiteside. Including one of them in the deal would only increase the positive assets – like Richardson, Adebayo, Dragic, Olynyk, Winslow and a No. 1 pick – Miami would have to send the Timberwolves.

Butler is extremely valuable. Minnesota should seek a lot for him.

Report: Timberwolves, Heat were making ‘significant progress’ on Jimmy Butler trade until Minnesota changed proposal

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We’ve learned a little about what the Heat are offering for Jimmy ButlerGoran Dragic and/or Hassan Whiteside, but not Josh Richardson or Bam Adebayo. With Miami Butler’s reported preferred destination, the Heat have additional incentive to trade for him, as they’ll have a better chance of re-signing him this summer.

Will Miami complete a deal for Butler?

Marc Stein of The New York Times:

This will only fuel skepticism about Timberwolves president Tom Thibodeau actually trading Butler. The quick (and fun) assumption: Thibodeau sabotaged negotiations so he could keep his star player.

But I’m always leery of these reports. One team’s ‘significant progress’ isn’t necessarily the other team’s. Minnesota might have never viewed talks as gaining traction.

Especially without including Richardson or Adebayo, it’s hard to see the Heat making a compelling offer. Butler is far more valuable than Dragic, and Dragic is only a marginal upgrade over Timberwolves point guard Jeff Teague. Miami shopped Whiteside earlier in the offseason without finding positive value for him.

Both Butler and rival teams have incentive to paint Minnesota’s front office as unreasonable. They want Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor – by no means a basketball expert – to step in and trade Butler himself, presumably for less return and more quickly than Thibodeau would do.

So, consider the idea Minnesota’s front office is being overly difficult. It’s certainly possible. But don’t blindly accept it, either.

Here are players Heat, Rockets and Bucks reportedly offering for Jimmy Butler

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The Timberwolves have reportedly offered Jimmy Butler to the 76ers for Ben Simmons and Bucks for Khris Middleton, getting rejected both times.

But what kind of offers is Minnesota getting for the disgruntled star? The Rockets and Heat (with evident limitations) are interested, and apparently the Timberwolves’ request didn’t scare off Milwaukee like it did Philadelphia.

Darren Wolfson of 1500 ESPN:

My understanding is from talking to numerous league officials, league sources, front-office folks, a coach – actually, a couple coaching sources – that the Wolves have all the parameters of the deals that they can make. So, it’s on the Wolves at some point here to say yes.

Now, do they wait a little bit longer just to see if some team adds a player in – like Miami? Miami is not willing to move Josh Richardson, but in the end, do they offer Josh Richardson?

But, so far, as of October 2nd, no sense whatsoever that Miami is making Josh Richardson available. Same goes for Bam Adebayo. Is Goran Dragic available? Yeah. The Wolves could acquire Goran Dragic. Is Hassan Whiteside available? Yeah, the Wolves could acquire Hassan Whiteside.

From Houston, you can get Eric Gordon. You can get P.J. Tucker. The Rockets want Jimmy Butler.

The Bucks are willing to move Brogdon, Bledsoe. The Bucks still have interest in Jimmy Butler. They’re not willing to move Middleton.

The Clippers are also still very, very interested in Jimmy Butler.

Now, league folks still say keep an eye on Miami, that Miami wants him the most. He wants to be in Miami – not that the Wolves care about that, but hey, if he wants to be in Miami, and Miami wants him, that eventually you can find some sort of happy medium, find a way to complete a trade.

It’s unclear whether each team mentioned is offering both the named players in proposals or only one per proposal.

Eric Bledsoe and Malcolm Brogdon for Butler would work salary-cap-wise. But there would be diminishing returns for the Bucks dealing their best two point guards, leaving the position to Matthew Dellavedova, and Minnesota adding two point guards to a roster that already has Jeff Teague, Tyus Jones and Derrick Rose. This also just isn’t enough value for the Timberwolves.

Gordon and Tucker for Butler would also work cap-wise. That trade could be the most sensible, especially if Tom Thibodeau prioritizes the present.

Dragic and Whiteside for Butler would not work cap-wise, though Butler could be traded straight up for either Miami player. But neither Whiteside nor Dragic is nearly as valuable as Butler.

However, it’s difficult to evaluate these offers without knowing the exact parameters. Are other players involved? Picks? This information is interesting, but limited.

Mostly, though, it points to the Timberwolves not receiving enough value for Butler in an offer yet.

NBA players react to Dwyane Wade’s ‘last dance’

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Dwyane Wade is coming back for one more season.

After deliberating on it all summer, Wade will return to the Heat for one final tour, a farewell season where he will try to help push the Heat into the postseason, and at least a few times will jump in the hot tub time machine and remind us why he is one of the greatest two guards the game has ever seen.

Other players around the NBA — from teammates such as Hassan Whiteside to All-Stars such as Jimmy Butler — were excited about the move.

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this is gonna be one helluva dance @dwyanewade

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It should be added that once again Wade is saving Miami money. He’s taken discounts before, most notably to form a super team with LeBron James and Chris Bosh while keeping Udonis Haslem and others around. While he could have pushed hard for the midlevel exception, he took the veteran minimum, according to Ira Winderman of the Sun-Sentinel, which means the Heat can get under the tax like this season with a move or two.