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Why second-round NBA draft picks might get paid more than first-rounders this year


Jordan Mickey had high hopes for the 2015 NBA draft, but his agent warned him: If you fall outside the top half or so of the first round, you’re better off going in the second round. Teams picking high in the second round offer a better fit and more flexibility. Mickey heard the message. He [more]

Aaron Gordon trying to make jump from great dunker to great player


Two Aaron Gordon stories: 1. The first comes from Pistons rookie Stanley Johnson, who played with and against Gordon growing up in California. They were AAU teammates when Gordon attempted a 360 windmill dunk but over-jumped it, spun too far around and missed the slam with his arm at a crooked angle. “I was puzzled, [more]

Greg Monroe swinging fortunes for Bucks, Pistons and himself

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Taking advantage of changing NBA financial landscape Monroe changed Eastern Conference playoff race by leaving Detroit for Milwaukee [more]