Carl Landry

Knicks’ biggest issue: Reconciling Carmelo Anthony-Kristaps Porzingis age gap


AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – Carmelo Anthony doesn’t avoid the question. He snickers at it. Is he concerned his prime and Kristaps Porzingis‘ prime won’t overlap? “Well, obviously,” Melo said, breaking into laughter. This – not whether Porzingis plays again this season, not whether Kurt Rambis will remain coach, not whether Phil Jackson has one foot [more]

Five takeaways from NBA Tuesday: Should Warriors think rest not record?


What you missed from a night around the NBA while cooking breakfast for yourself and 10,000 of your closest friends…. 1) Warriors blow lead at home and lose to Timberwolves, should Steve Kerr start thinking rest over record?I know that Steve Kerr said the Warriors are not pushing for 73 wins. I know after Tuesday’s [more]

76ers got too young. Then, they got Elton Brand


The 76ers signed Elton Brand in January to mentor a young roster and provide veteran perspective. The organization wanted someone to guide the team’s numerous millennial players, including the one who one day asked Brand: How did you talk talk to girls before social media? “We went outside,” Brand said with a chuckle, declining to [more]