Waitress’ reaction after $500 tip from Ja Morant is priceless

Ja Morant at Memphis Grizzlies v Golden State Warriors - Game Four
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

There’s a reason this video went viral — it’s authentic, touching, and her reaction is funny.

A waitress in a Miami-area restaurant didn’t recognize it was Ja Morant she was serving. But after he gave her a $500 tip, she wanted to know more — and when she found out it was Morant her reaction was priceless.

Morant can afford this, he just signed a $193 million max contract extension with the Grizzlies. The video was taken by shot by nie, a videographer who does a lot of stuff with Morant.

In addition to the waitress’ reaction, the other part of this video that caught people’s attention was that the first time she asked Morant who he was, he said, “the Black Jesus” — a nickname associated with Michael Jordan. That got people talking, including Jaren Jackson Jr. Morant thought it was all funny.

While Morant is no Jordan, good luck finding a more entertaining player on or off the court right now.