Trail Blazers owner Jody Allen: No deadline for sale, focus on winning

Trail Blazers owner Jody Allen
Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Damian Lillard reportedly wants to evaluate the Trail Blazers’ dedication to winning before signing the two-year, $100 million-plus contract extension they’re offering.

Trail Blazers owner Jody Allen, who also owns the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks, is making her case.

Trail Blazers:

One report said Jody Allen – as a condition of her brother’s, late Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen’s, trust – must sell the team within 10 years of his 2018 death. Another report from this spring said a sale was expected within 18 months.

But Jody Allen continues to set an expectation of steady ownership.

Given Lillard’s longstanding loyalty to Portland and the Trail Blazers’ strong offseason, that could be enough to convince Lillard to sign the extension.