Ja Morant agrees to $193 million max contract extension — at least — with Grizzlies

Memphis Grizzlies v Golden State Warriors - Game Six
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Want to know how Ja Morant is feeling right now? He told us.

The All-NBA guard and leader of the brash and young Memphis Grizzlies agreed to a five-year max contract extension off his rookie deal, something everyone expected and Adrian Wojnarowski reported first.

As Wojnarowski notes, due to the Rose rule, if Morant makes All-NBA again next season (or is named MVP, or if you want a real longshot is named Defensive Player of the Year), he can get 30% of the salary cap, not “just” 25%, and that would jump his total over five years to $231 million.

We don’t know about the fifth year of that contract — Morant has enough leverage he could have asked for that to be a player option. That will come out over time.

For now, Morant is celebrating.