Devin Booker signing super-max contract extension with Suns

Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Even before he fully developed into a star, Devin Booker drew rave reviews from Kevin Durant.

“Better watch out for that boy, because he is nice,” Durant said in 2017. “He next. I’m telling you.”

Booker’s time has arrived.

Which probably has something to do with Durant preferring the Suns when requesting a trade from the Nets. If he joins Phoenix, Durant – who has four years remaining on his contract – can be assured Booker will be there a long time.

Shams Charania of The Athletic

The exact amount of the extension will be determine in 2024, when it kicks in. It will be worth between $205,699,004 and $234,608,158, depending how much the NBA’s salary cap rises the next two seasons.

Booker is the best shooting guard in the league. He’s an excellent scorer who has become more reliable from beyond the arc and improved as a playmaker. His defensive gains cause envy elsewhere. At 25, he should remain elite through this extension.

Booker’s rise coinciding with Chris Paul‘s arrival turned the Suns into a prime championship contender. Their second-round loss to the Mavericks, particularly getting blown out in Game 7 at home, was a huge disappointment.

But with Booker locked in long-term, Phoenix should continue to compete in the years ahead – though while facing some thorny questions.

How long will Paul remain in his prime? What will happen with Deandre Ayton in restricted free agency? Will Booker’s large contract cause the Suns to trim salary elsewhere on the roster?

Of course, not all the uncertainty in Phoenix is unpleasant. Like, will Durant come?