Kyrie Irving passes off question when asked if he still wants to be a Net


There are times as a reporter you know you’re not going to get an answer, but you have to ask the question anyway. It’s part of the job.

That’s exactly what Pierce Simpson from Compex did on the red carpet at the BET Awards on Sunday. He tried. He asked Kyrie Irving if he still wanted to be a Brooklyn Net.

That was the expected response.

What was more interesting were Irving’s comments on an Instagram post about him dodging the question.

Kyrie always has his side of the story, his reasons.

The Nets — holding firm in not offering Irving a max contract and telling him to find a trade — are basing their decisions on Irving’s actions, not his words. Durant thinks the Nets never really understood Irving’s motives. But, again, actions speak louder.

The biggest question on the Kyrie Irving board now: Would he give up $30 million next season (and potentially much more in the future) to sign for the $6.4 million taxpayer midlevel exception and reunite with LeBron James on the Lakers.

The date to watch is Wednesday, June 29. That’s when Irving has to decide whether or not to pick up his $36.9 million option for next season or not.