Draymond Green: Cleveland fans were ‘obnoxious,’ but Boston fans ‘take the cake’

Draymond Green at Golden State Warriors Vs Boston Celtics At TD Garden
Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green and Cleveland Cavaliers fans developed a mutual disdain through four straight NBA Finals matchups.

Green and Boston Celtics fans needed less than a single Finals to really resent each other.

Green on Boston fans on “The Draymond Green Show“:

They’re loud. They’re pretty loud. They’re very loud. A little obnoxious. But Cleveland fans used to be obnoxious, too. Now, I think these people, they take the cake. I think, going away, they take the cake. But yeah, it’s loud. I mean, you’re trying to win a championship. It should be loud. The fans should be into it. And so I respect it, and after the series I’ll appreciate it. But for now, you know what it is with them.

“Obnoxious” is a compliment here. As much as others have criticized Celtics fans chanting “F*** you, Draymond,” he has taken it in stride. He knows he’s the heel and is playing his part.

The other thing he must play: better.