Hawks Bogdan Bogdanovic has knee surgery, will miss EuroBasket

2022 NBA Playoffs - Miami Heat v Atlanta Hawks
Adam Hagy/NBAE via Getty Images

It wasn’t the Atlanta Hawks announcing this, it was the Serbian national team doctor explaining why a key player would miss EuroBasket.

Bogdan Bogdanovic had knee surgery and will be in recovery for about three months.

Serbian national team doctor Dragan Radovanovic told sportklub.rs about the surgery, with a hat tip to EuroHoop for the translation.

“Two or three weeks ago, our national team member [Bogdanovic] underwent surgery on his right knee, and recovery takes time, not very short, at least three months,” he stated. “We hear from each other almost every day, the procedure went in the best order, at a clinic in California. He will stay in the USA for another month, and then he should come to Serbia, Belgrade”.

Bogdanovic played through knee issues toward the end of the season, even missing Game 5 against the Heat because of it, so the fact he needs surgery is not a total surprise. The three-month recovery timeline has him missing EuroBasket (which starts Sept. 1) but will have him back for the regular season. He should be expected to miss part of training camp and be eased back into NBA shape.

Bogdanovic averaged 15.1 points and shot 36.8% from 3 last season for the Hawks, playing almost 30 minutes a night off the bench. He has two years, $36 million remaining on his contract (the second year of that is a player option). His name has come up in trade rumors as a player other teams covet if the Hawks make a big swing to upgrade their roster this offseason. This surgery will not change that interest.