Report: Quin Snyder-Jazz impasse not about money

Jazz coach Quin Snyder
Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Jazz coach Quin Snyder and the organization remain in a holding pattern over what has been described as “philosophical issues.”

Utah wants Snyder back, either on an extension or his existing contract. But he has yet to commit.

Tim MacMahon of ESPN:

It’s not about money.

There’s an extension offered that’s still on the table. I don’t have exact terms of it, but it would put him up there with the highest-paid coaches in the NBA. It’s an offer that is reflective of the quality of his work.

My informed speculation is that Quin Snyder is likely going to end up leaving.

Of course, it’s about money.

Snyder probably has philosophical differences with management. He had them with former Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey, too. A former college coach at Missouri, Snyder might have grown accustomed to a certain level of control.

But offer him enough money, and Snyder will surely sign a contract extension.

The price is probably higher because of the philosophical differences. But there’s still almost certainly a price.

If he leaves Utah, as MacMahon predicts, Snyder would immediately the marquee coach available. The Hornets still have an opening. Other teams might even fire their coach if they could land Snyder as a replacement.

But given the timeline, he doesn’t seem eager to set himself up for another job. The safe bet is him taking a year off.